Construction Worker is required to work on the construction sites. He/ She is required to carry out various tasks including mixing the cement, towing the bricks, fetching the stones, cutting them to give them beautiful shapes, placing the building material appropriately to construct the building and various other tasks. It is essential for the construction workers to know the use of various machines and devices used in construction tasks. The task requires a lot of stamina and the person is therefore expected to be physically fit to handle the work. The work involves a lot of hard work; they may be required to work in sun, rain, snow and even at risky sites.

Construction Worker Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a construction worker include:

  • Construction Worker is required to mix cement, sand and water to prepare the required paste for fixing bricks and stones.
  • Construction Worker needs to apply the cement, grout, sand and plaster appropriately to build a strong construction.
  • Construction Worker needs to paint the buildings.
  • Construction Worker is required to fetch bricks to use them at the site.
  • Construction Worker needs to ensure that the construction site is clean. After each working day, he/she is required to clear the excess building material or waste material that may have spread unnecessarily in and around the site.
  • Construction Worker is required to load and unload the building material.
  • Construction Worker needs to repair the buildings that have been wrecked.
  • Construction Worker needs to make use of various tools, equipments and machines to do the construction work.
  • Construction Worker is required to provide assistance in the plumbing as well as electric work.
  • Construction Worker is required to assist with various masonry works.

Construction Worker Skills and Specifications

Construction Worker requires the below mentioned skills and specifications:

  • Construction Worker needs to have knowledge about the various building materials used for different constructions.
  • Construction worker is required to have a good physical stamina
  • Construction Worker is required to be skilled in using various tools and equipments used for construction purpose.

Construction Worker Education and Qualification

The education and qualification requirements for a construction worker are as follows:

  • A high school diploma
  • There is no specific bachelor’s or master’s degree required to become a construction work though a person may undergo some basic welding and moulding program.
  • Having a relevant work experience is considered to be an advantage.

Construction Worker Salary

A construction worker may earn anything from $10.74 to $18.57 per hour based on his work experience, efficiency and the place he is employed at.

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