Creative Director Job Description and Profile

A Creative Director has to determine the finest ways in which a company can visually represent its online identity. This is a highly people-oriented job which includes development of the advanced concepts for the purpose of designing projects. These professionals work with clients of internal and external type with plunging designs and perceiving client requirements. The creative director recruits and manages the third party designing firms along with the in-house design resources. Therefore, the creative directors play a very important role in the firms they work for.

Creative Director Duties and Responsibilities

  • Leading the creative sessions in order to initiate the project kick-offs
  • Managing numerous projects at the same time from the process of conception to completion
  • Developing creative programs as well designing the concepts which meet business goals of the association and which are in sync with the brand strategy
  • Establishing creative direction in order to promote the online programs and services
  • Supervising and inspiring the company’s creative team comprising of vendor partners, generating manifold concepts in order to help a project
  • Working with account team, copywriters, strategy team for developing the concepts and then presenting it to the management
  • Working with the internal teams of most departments in order to produce ideas for plunging into new proposals
  • Managing the team members and supervising them in such a manner that they work in the desired fashion.
  • Providing quality management over both concepts and programs.

Creative Director Education, Training and Qualifications

Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Arts, Graphics Design or related field is absolutely imperative. Those professionals who come with knowledge in project management and development are more preferred by the employers.

Creative Director Degrees, Courses & Certification

Many courses on fine arts, advertising and marketing skills etc are available which need to be done in order to earn an edge in this field. Knowledge of web abilities, graphic fundamentals etc are highly imperative which can be gained through a number of courses.

Creative Director Skills and Specifications

  • Excellent knowledge of printing methods, photography, typography etc.
  • Excellent communicator
  • Highly creative and multitasking abilities
  • Ability to work in team and attention to details
  • Great persuasive skills with ability to work under pressure
  • Enthusiastic and highly motivated
  • Ability to deal with criticisms
  • Excellent presentation and organization skills

Creative Director Salary/Wage

The salary of a Creative Director is about $ 100,000 annually. The expertise and experience of the professional greatly influence the salary of these professionals. So, the more talented and experienced professionals are likely to draw more salary.

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