Dental Assistant Job Profile and Description

A dental assistant is an individual who assists the dentist in various kinds of dental jobs.  The dental assistant ensures that the appointed patients are comfortable in the chair of the dentist and is ready for treatment. He works under the guidance of the dentist and follows his supervision.  He has the responsibility to ensure that the equipments are ready for procedures and other tests. He also assists the dentist while the dentist is conducting dental treatment on the patient. A dental assistant may also have to perform tasks like taking x rays of the teeth and gums of the patient, making casts for teeth and others.

Dental Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a dental assistant are as follows:

  • Applying  anesthetics to  the required part of the mouth of the patient for treatment
  • Removing excess cement from the teeth after the job of filing has been done
  • Using necessary instruments for the purpose of isolating the teeth so that  necessary treatment can be done
  • Making the patient comfortable in the dentist’s chair so that he is ready for treatment
  • Making temporary crowns in the laboratory and also making casts  after taking the impressions
  • Informing the patients about the aftercare  of the treatment, which includes how to take basic care of dental health
  • Ordering the supplies for the purpose of treatment
  • Maintaining records of the patient’s treatment procedure
  • Maintaining records of the progress made by the patient after treatment
  • Maintaining records of upcoming appointment s and other general records
  • Getting the details of the patients waiting for treatment along with details of their problems
  • Ensuring that the machines  for treatment are ready before the treatment begins
  • Needs to follow the instruction of the dentist during treatment procedure

Dental Assistant Skills and Specifications

Following are the skills and specifications that are needed by an individual so as to work in the position of a dental assistant.

  • Should be caring in nature
  • Needs to have excellent record maintenance skills
  • Should possess great multitasking skills
  • Must have proper knowledge of conducting radiological procedures

Dental Assistant Education and Qualification

  • Should have at least a high school diploma in order to perform basic duties
  • Must have certification to start working as a dental assistant

Dental Assistant Salary

At most places the average salary of a dental assistant is between $30000 to $35000.

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