Education manager is required to plan and implement the educational strategies at the educational institute where he is employed. He is also required to monitor the strategies that have been implemented in order to check whether they are working fine or not. Apart from this there are various other job duties that an education manager is required to handle; these are mentioned below in detail.

In order to handle this position one requires at least a bachelor’s degree and a number of years of experience working in this field. Since this is a managerial position it is essential for the candidate to possess good leadership qualities and managerial skills as it helps in handling the position efficiently.

Education Manager Duties and Responsibilities

Education Manager is required to manage various tasks of the organization he is working for. Some of his job duties and responsibilities are as follows:

  • Education Manager needs to plan and design the educational strategies.
  • Education Manager is required to implement the planned educational strategies and ensure that they work well.
  • Education Manager is involved in the preparation of educational programs. He is also required to review the already prepared education programs and ensure that there is no mistake in the same.
  • Education Manager needs to supervise the education assistant and other staff members working under him and guide them to work appropriately.
  • Education Manager is required to assess the work done by the education assistant and provide them feedback on the same.
  • Education Manager needs to look for new and innovative methods of making the class room sessions more interesting and implementing these methods.
  • Education Manager is required to ensure that proper health and safety practices are being followed in the institute.

Education Manager Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications that are required to become an Education Manager are as follows:

  • Education Manager is required to have good managerial skills.
  • Education Manager needs to be skilled in designing and implementing education programs and strategies.
  • Education Manager must have good time management skills

Education Manager Education and Qualification

The educational qualification needed to get into the position of Education Manager is as follows:

  • A High School Diploma
  • Degree in Teaching/ Business Administration
  • Relevant work experience

Education Manager Salary

The average salary of Education Manager is $63,000. The salary may vary depending upon the company and the city the candidate is employed in and also based on the candidate’s qualification and experience.

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