Education Program Manager Job Description

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Education Program Manager Job Profile and Description

An education program manager is usually a member of the teaching faculty. They are responsible for managing a particular program or programs. Education program managers also participate in activities that are promoted by the institution and abide by the mandates that are laid down by the education council.

Daily operational activities, classroom instruction, helping students for education successes are all common functions of the education program manager.

Education Program Manager Duties and Responsibilities

Common duties and responsibilities that an education program manager has to discharge include the following:

  • Performing instructional duties that have been assigned and as assigned in the job description and as per the provisions of faculty supplement.
  • Select and develop the program advisory council that mostly meets as least once every year.
  • Participating in the faculty development program whenever required.
  • Monitor the programs for ensuring quality. This includes program scheduling, delivery and curriculum development.
  • Supervising interns, staff educators, volunteers etc.
  • Manage and develop a work plan and program budget.
  • Planning, reporting and tracking the program deliverables.
  • Develop, create and manage curriculum, handouts, outlines and audio-visual aids for classes.
  • Fulfill the speaking engagement requests.
  • Teach advanced topics as required by the curriculum.
  • Identifying fresh opportunities devise new programs and seek out new partnerships and also maintain community relationships.

Education Program Manager Skills and Specifications

Some of the skills and specifications that an education program manager must possess are likely to include the following:

  • Ability for communicating and persuading others.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to handle many tasks under pressure. Utilizing the strong management, time coordination and planning skills and at the same time generating high quality work products.
  • Ability for providing examples of tasks or projects that can be completed independently.
  • Ability to develop cooperative and constructive relationships with others.

Education Program Manager Education and Qualification

Some of the common educational qualifications that an education program manager must have are as follows:

  • Graduation in any stream from a recognized college or university in education, business administration, mass communication etc.
  • At least seven years’ of relevant work experience.

Education Program Manager Salary

Education program managers are usually entitled to an annual average salary of $79,500 according to figures released by the US labor bureau. Education program managers are also hired by government agencies.

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