Education Recruiter Job Description

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Education Recruiter Job Profile and Description

Education recruiters usually recruit high school prospective and adult students for a professional course by assessing their education needs and explaining the objectives and benefits offered by the institute.

Recruiting students for the institute calls for a customer-centric attitude and the ability for meeting challenges head on and a passion to change lives via discharge of education. The position usually requires flexibility

Education Recruiter Duties and Responsibilities

Some of the typical duties and responsibilities that an education recruiter has to execute include the following:

  • Conducting personal or face-to-face interviews, telephonic interviews and email correspondences for identifying the adult and high school prospects for determining their educational needs, interests and concerns.
  • Facilitating the orientation and the registration day activities.
  • Closely assisting and mentoring students via the admission process.
  • Ensuring compliance with the relevant company procedures and policies, regulations and laws.
  • Communicating verbally for the approved presentations for promoting programs for the prospective high school and adult students.
  • Actively generating referral business for helping maintain company goals.
  • Participating in the school retention programs by establishing productive contact with students.
  • Participating in promotional and special recruiting drives.

Education Recruiter Skills and Specifications

Some of the skills and specifications that an education recruiter must possess are likely to include the following:

  • Ability for communicating and persuading others.
  • String communication and interpersonal skills like the ability for building cooperative relationships with a vast customer range base.
  • Selling and influencing others i.e. convincing others for changing their action or minds and the ability for making presentations and conducting interviews.
  • Proven success regarding the presentation of training and sales material.
  • Effectively and efficiently utilizing a personal computer and related software.
  • Ability to handle many tasks under pressure. Utilizing the strong management, time coordination and planning skills and at the same time generating high quality work products.
  • Ability for providing examples of tasks or projects that can be completed independently.
  • Ability to develop cooperative and constructive relationships with others.

Education Recruiter Education and Qualification

Some of the common educational qualifications that an education recruiter must have are as follows:

  • Graduation in any stream from a recognized college or university in education, business administration, mass communication etc.
  • At least five years’ of relevant work experience.

Education Recruiter Salary

Education recruiters usually get an annual average salary of $72,500 according to figures released by the US labor bureau.

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