Education professionals hold a very responsible position as they are required to educate the youth. It is their responsibility to inculcate good habits in the students and also groom them to make them capable. Education professionals are mostly employed at schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutes and are given good remunerations for their work. Some education professionals also work in non profit institutions for charity; such professionals are engaged in teaching people who do not have enough money to spare money for education.

There are different education professionals including special education teachers, early education teachers, different subject teachers, lecturers, professors, education specialists, education analysts, education coordinators, etc. The job duties and responsibilities of all these professionals differ from each other.

While the primary duty of the teachers; be it the early education teachers, special education teachers, high school teachers, lecturers or professors, is to teach lessons to the students on the other hand the duty of the other professionals such as education analysts, education coordinators and education specialists is to work in association with the teachers to prepare the study material and find newer methods of teaching the lessons more effectively.

A primary or early education teacher is required to teach lessons to the students belonging to the primary classes. She needs to take class room sessions and teach the subjects she specializes in. Apart from this she is also required to monitor the performance of the students present in her class, ensure that the students are regular to the school, conduct examination, check the examination papers, grade the students, encourage them to participate in extra curricular activities, prepare study material for the students, help the other school staff in making arrangements for events such as the school sports day, annual day, etc.

The high school teachers, lecturers and professors are also required to handle all the above mentioned tasks. However, the way of dealing with the students would differ. The job duties of a special education teacher include handling the children who have some physical disability. These teachers must have knowledge about handling such students and should be skilled enough in taking care of these students.

Special education teachers must be able to motivate these students to take part in different activities based on their health condition and also help them learn their lessons in an easy way. Apart from this, they are required to carry out all the other job duties of a usual teacher such as conducting classroom sessions, conducting tests, checking the test papers, preparing study material for the students, etc.

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