Electrical Engineering Job Profile and Description

An electrical engineer is an individual who is involved in the process of electrical production and its application. Their job is to deal with the production of electricity and also the supply of electricity. They also have to specialize in fields like electronics and electric power. Electrical engineers have to keep a check on the process of creation of electricity from the power generating stations and transmission of it to the consumers.

They also have to monitor the process of transmission of electricity from power plants.  They may have to handle electrical equipments like radar, missile guide systems and various other kinds of electrical appliances. It is the responsibility of an electrical engineer to ensure constant generation of electricity. They may also have to create new electronic devices that will simplify the process of electricity supply. It is the duty of the electrical engineer to check whether any electrical equipment needs to be repaired and if they do he needs to repair it.

Electrical Engineering Duties and Responsibilities

There are various duties and responsibilities that an electrical engineer has to fulfill which are as follows:

  • Ensuring that there is constant generation of electricity
  • Has to oversee that the supply of electricity never stops from power plants or power generation stations
  • Creating or developing new electrical equipments as per requirement
  • Upgrading existing electrical equipments for better performance
  • Checking whether any of the electrical equipments need to be repaired and repairing them if required
  • Help in operation of power generators
  • Manufacturing and maintaining telephone circuits
  • Discuss with clients and consumers about engineering projects and products that have potential
  • Designing electrical instruments
  • Inspecting all the electrical installations and observing its operations
  • Supervising and training team members whenever required

Electrical Engineering Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications required to be possessed by an electrical engineer are as follows:

  • Must have knowledge about electrical equipments
  • Ability to work without supervision
  • Should be innovative
  • Needs to have ability to work overtime and meet deadlines

Electrical Engineering Education and Qualification

In order to be an electrical engineer it is compulsory that the candidate pursues a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from a reputed technology or engineering institute. A state license is also necessary so that he can work professionally. A master’s degree or a doctoral degree is always an added advantage.

Electrical Engineering Salary

The average annual salary of an individual working in the position of an electrical engineer is around $84000. 

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