Engineering Analyst Job Profile and Description

An engineering analyst is an individual who is responsible for applying theories and principles of engineering in order to solve problems related to manufacturing production. Their duty is to perform conducting time as well as motion studies on the operations of workers. Their main aim is also to improve the production process and also establish standard production rates. An engineering analyst analyses the data and information entered into computer in order to prepare graphs or charts.

They also help in evaluating data and writing reports in order to find the validity of deviations. Sometimes an engineering analyst may also have to select products for the purpose of testing in different stages of production process. It is also the duty of an engineering analyst to provide economical solutions for engineering design requirements. They have to precise and practical solutions in order to meet the design needs.

 Engineering Analyst Duties and Responsibilities

There are various duties and responsibilities that are to be fulfilled by an engineering analyst. Some of them are as follows:

  • Recommending modifications to standards of production as well as present quality
  • Achieving best possible quality from the available equipments
  • Entering data into computer for the purpose of analysis and using the analysis to prepare graphs and charts
  • Preparing reports and analyzing data in order to find new standards of working procedures
  • Designing new equipments as well as materials
  • Applying procedures to control statistical quality
  • Determining and maintaining quality and finding reliability of products
  • Observing the equipments used by the workers for the process of operations and determining time involved in working with those devices
  • Selecting products for the purpose of testing at various stages of the production process
  • Finding the performance characteristics of products by testing them
  • Help in planning work assignments according to the performance of the workers

Engineering Analyst Skills and Specifications

There are various skills and specifications required for a candidate in order to work in the position of an engineering analyst. They are as follows:

  • Excellent observation skills
  • Good technical knowledge
  • Must have the ability to prepare graphs and charts
  • Needs to have excellent communications skills

Engineering Analyst Education and Qualification

An individual who wish to work in the position of an engineering analyst must have completed an engineering degree in their field of work. A degree in analysis or related field will surely prove to be an added advantage.

Engineering Analyst Salary

The average annual salary of an engineering analyst is around $60000

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