Engineering Intern Job Profile and Description

An engineering intern is an individual who has recently finished his engineering degree or is studying in the final year of his degree and working in his first job. He has to assist in the engineer in any kind of work and follow their directions. They will have to implement changes in design in order to improve the process and also to reduce cost. They will also have ensure that there is improvement in the quality of the product.

The job profile also varies from one field of engineering to another. A civil engineering intern may assist in CAD drafting or writing of specification. A mechanical engineering intern may assist in designing mechanical systems, whereas a chemical engineering intern may work in a chemical laboratory. Computer or software engineering interns mat assist in development, testing and maintenance of software. An engineering intern may also perform the duty of assembling and diagnosing.

Engineering Intern Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of an engineering intern vary depending on the field of engineering in which they have pursued their degree. The duty and responsibilities of an electrical engineer may differ from that of a computer engineer. The usual duties and responsibilities of an engineering intern are as follows:

  • Assisting the engineer and taking his instructions
  • Performing the required duties by taking directions from the senior
  • Helping in the analysis of a product
  • Helping in the designing of a product
  • Convert designs if required in order to improve efficiency
  • Doing unit as well as field testing and also providing support activities

Engineering Intern Skills and Specifications

An individual planning to work as an engineering intern needs to possess a number of skills and specifications. They are as follows:

  • Should be flexible so that they put in extra effort
  • Must have the ability to meet deadlines
  • Should be excellent in taking instructions
  • Must have the ability to be a good assistant
  • Ability to enhance knowledge through continuous learning

Engineering Intern Education and Qualification

It is not necessary for an engineering intern to have a work experience as this job position is their first work experience. An engineering intern must complete a four year degree course from an engineering institute. In some organizations students in final year of engineering can also apply.

Engineering Intern Salary

The average starting salary of an engineering intern is usually $ 28000 annually and can go up to $60000

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