Engineering psychologist Job Profile and Description

An engineering psychologist is an individual who conducts research of psychological principles in relation to characteristics of human behavior. They are also responsible for development and application of psychological principles. They may also conduct research on use of environments and systems in which human beings work. They also work in coordination with equipment designers and collaborate in designing, developing and utilizing systems to give better performance than human capabilities.

He also advises on considering various factors related to human while designing machine systems and other industrial products. He also determines the number of workers to operate machines and also in allocating functions to both machines and operators. Sometimes an engineering psychologist may have to develop methods of training and materials like lectures, curriculum and handbooks. He also has to conduct research in order to psychological theories in order to determine worker’s behavior.

Engineering psychologist Duties and Responsibilities

There are number of duties and responsibilities that an engineering psychologist has to fulfill. They are as follows:

  • Solving problems in regards to requirement of number of works and kind of work to be allocated to
  • Developing psychological theories for physical factors like temperature, humidity, noise etc
  • To analyze in order to find out how to improve safety while using machines and equipments
  • Developing quality equipments that human beings can easily use
  • Conducting experiments to test man machine systems
  • Advising on considering human factors while designing equipments and industrial products
  • Analyzing jobs in order to establish the requirement for use in placement and training of personnel
  • Evaluating psychological principles that are related to human behavior and characteristics
  • Assessing products during research and development phase
  • To determine how a certain a section of customers would react to a certain product and how they use it

Engineering psychologist Skills and Specifications

An individual planning to work as an engineering psychologist needs to possess a number of skills and specifications. They are as follows:

  • Must have excellent research skill
  • Should have an eye for detail
  • Needs to have excellent communication skills
  • Must have a good understanding of human psychology

Engineering psychologist Education and Qualification

A candidate aspiring to pursue a career as an engineering psychologist must have at least a Bachelor’s degree such as BS or BA. They can also pursue Master’s or a doctoral degree.
Engineering psychologist Salary

The average annual salary of an engineering psychologist is $88000.

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