Engineering technologist Job Profile and Description

An engineering technologist is an individual who is responsible for analyzing and modifying new as well as existing technologies related to the field of engineering. After analyzing and modifying the new and existing technologies, he applies them in the process of testing and may also implement them. It is necessary for them to have a practical understanding of all kinds of general concepts related to the field of engineering. Usually an engineering technologist assists engineers and technologists in various projects and also in the process of research and development.

The main job profile of an engineering technologist is to find technical solutions. They may also have to sometimes build up equipment or set it up. Most of the analyzing and modifying done by an engineering technologist is done by conducting experiments. It is also the duty of an engineering technologist to collect data and calculate results. If required they may have to set up or build the model of a new equipment. Sometimes an engineering technologist may also be responsible for designing the technical products. In some fields of engineering an engineering technologist has to do technical or engineering drawings.

Engineering technologist Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of an engineering technologist are as follows:

  • To assist an engineer or a scientist in doing any kind of technical work
  • Sometimes may have to follow the instructions and directions of the engineers
  • Designing and developing technical products
  • Conducting experiments on various technical aspects
  •  Collecting data and calculating the results
  • Analyzing new as well as existing technologies
  • Modifying new as well as existing technologies
  • Applying his analysis in the field of testing
  • If required may have to do technical drawings

Engineering technologist Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications that an engineering technologist must have are as follows:

  • Ability to do testing or conduct experiments
  • Should be good at taking instructions
  • Must have excellent technical knowledge
  • Must have patience
  • Needs to have good listening skills
  • Must have basic technical drawing and designing skills

 Engineering technologist Education and Qualification

A candidate pursuing a career as an engineering technologist must have a technical engineering degree from a technical college, technical institute or an industrial school. Even candidates who have pursued a four year undergraduate course in science or engineering can also apply for this job position.

Engineering technologist salary

The average annual salary of an engineering technologist is around $55000

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