Facility Technician Job Profile and Description

A facility technician is mostly responsible for the maintenance and repairs of all installations with a facility, building, factory, geographical location etc. He acts as the contact for emergency during such situations. At times facility technicians are expected to be involved in the safety of the employees, the security of the assets of the organization.

They are often considered indispensable in the smooth running of the organization. It’s primarily a technical post and the incumbent candidate is required to have a working technical knowledge of the basic instruments that comprise the facility. Many times the facility technician’s job is outsourced to a firm that looks after the facilities’ routine maintenance. Such firms have several companies as their clients.

Facility Technician Duties and Responsibilities

Some of the key duties and responsibilities that a facility technician has to perform include the following:

  • Providing repair and troubleshooting of property equipment, fixtures, alarm systems etc. or calling for the necessary repairing technician as and when the need arises.
  • Performing typical maintenance tasks for supporting the effective running of the facility.
  • Maintaining the equipment and the work area in clean and orderly condition and following the prescribed safety regulations. Also, identifying and resolving the potential safety hazards.
  • Performing preventive maintenance in the facility as required. These usually involve installation, inspection, troubleshooting and repairing of property utility components and systems, real property equipment etc. Also, assisting in the installing and moving of office modules, supplies, furniture and/or appliances.

Facility Technician Skills and Specifications

Following are some common skills and specifications that a facility technician must have:

  • Ability to effectively communicate, both written and oral, with all the employees, vendors and contractors.
  • Good team player and a self starter.
  • Organized and the ability to provide the deliverables for supporting a project plan.
  • Ability for prioritizing and managing multifunctional tasks and a capability to work under pressure and within strict time.

Facility Technician Education and Qualification

Qualifications required for a facility technicianare as follows:

  • Graduation is preferable though not mandatory.
  • Associate certification in project management or a certificate from a trade school or relevant work experience related to vendor management, project management, facilities and maintenance.
  • Basic knowledge of how instruments work.

Facility Technician Salary

A facility technician is expected to command an average annual salary of $25,500. Such personnel can also work on a contract basis.

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