Finance Advisor Job Description and Profile

A Finance Advisor is an important professional in the world of finance and his role has greatly evolved over the ages. A financial advisor does not just advice on the type of stock which needs to be purchased and sold, but also aids in the process of making the real transaction. He has to perform a long list of tasks for clients. The clients of financial advisors are individuals, families, companies etc. These companies too can be of different sizes. Though the functions of these professionals can vary from one industry to another, their basic functions remain the same and they are as follows.

Financial Advisor Duties and Responsibilities

  • Analyzing the financial position of a client by taking in to consideration everything from his investments to income.
  • Helping the clients in deciding what part of their current salary needs to be saved and determining the areas where this money should be saved.
  • Determining the financial goals of the clients in order to decide about how the client will live after retiring.
  • Helping the clients with the plan for retirement which would be suitable enough to manage their post retirement financial needs.
  • Making the suitable transactions for the clients once he/ she has decided to go for this plan.
  • Carrying out the spending analysis in order to help the client understand where they can be comfortable when investing.
  • Meeting the customer’s needs by offering them with the option of financial investment they need.
  • Staying updated about the latest trends in the present stock market in order to help the clients in a better way.

Financial Advisor Education, Training and Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree in a financial discipline like economics, business administration, finance, general business, math, accounting, statistics etc is necessary to become a financial advisor. However, those professionals who come with a master’s degree are more preferred by the job recruiters.

Financial Advisor Degrees, Courses & Certification

Graduation in this field is not the ultimate qualification but the professionals should acquire finance advisor certification like that offered by FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) in order to function in this field.

Financial Advisor Skills and Specifications

  • Excellent knowledge about the market
  • Taking care of everything with great details
  • Ability to handle all types of people and companies
  • Ability to communicate well and should possess great advisory abilities
  • Excellent organizational skills and a good planner
  • Great managerial abilities and leadership qualities

Financial Advisor Salary/Wage

The salary of a financial advisor is about $100,000. Those who are higher on the basis of education and experience are likely to draw a higher salary. Even the nature of the industry where the professional works determines the salary range.

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