Finance Clerk Job Description and Profile

A Finance Clerk is such a professional who performs the office duties for the accounting department of the company they work for. Financial clerks are responsible for handling the clerical duties like that of answering the phones, typing reports, responding to the emails and also faxing documents. However, apart from these basic functions these professionals need to perform many other responsibilities like that of bookkeeping and accounting tasks. Therefore all finance related job, from collecting financial information to taking care of payroll falls under the aegis of these professionals.

Finance Clerk Duties and Responsibilities

  • Providing significant links between the financial personnel and their clients.
  • Arranging appointments through the phone and also replying to the client emails.
  • Entering vital monetary transactions related information in computers.
  • Assisting in the efforts taken to keep the company, he/ she work for under stipulated budget.
  • Proofreading the financial reports and also verifying the range of different types of financial records.
  • Preparing and verifying a variety of accounting entries in order to get them into the fiscal information processing system.
  • Reconciling report inconsistency and other problems, posting refunds and account related reconciliations.
  • Updating and also reconciling the sub-ledger to general ledger, maintaining the cash applications, researching and also solving account problems.

Finance Clerk Education, Training and Qualifications

A high school diploma is imperative in order to function as a finance clerk. Knowledge of computers is necessary in order to be Finance Clerk. On-job training is offered to the professionals once they get recruited.

Finance Clerk Degrees, Courses & Certification

There are many certification course offered in this field where the professional learns the intricacies of this job. New developments in this field are generally taught through these courses.

Finance Clerk Skills and Specifications

  • Ability to communicate with everyone efficiently
  • Good typing skills and basic mathematical skills
  • Hard working in nature
  • Ability to carry out multitasking efficiently
  • Responsible and helpful in nature
  • Courteous and Organized
  • Obedient and able to follow the instructions properly
  • Versatile and basic understanding of computers
  • Carrying out accounting tasks and other clerical duties

Finance Clerk Salary/Wage

The average salary of a Finance Clerk is about $ 40,000 annually. The amount and standard of duties performed by these professionals and the nature of the industry he/ she is working for greatly determines the salary range. The experience of these professionals is also a determining factor.

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