Finance Specialist Job Description and Profile

A Finance Specialist is such a professional who has the task of evaluating the operating data of a professional and advising on the investment decisions. This specialist also has the task of ensuring that the internal policies of a company are sufficient and functional. They also need to ensure that the policies are in compliance with the regulatory rules. They need to stay updated about the latest trends in the world of finance in order to function properly. Finance specialists can work in the financial department of the government, public, or private companies. The finance specialists can rise to the position of a finance director, financial controller etc after some five years by gaining greater knowledge and experience in this field.

Finance Specialist Duties and Responsibilities

  • Helping a company or client for ensuring that intrinsic policies are properly functioning and evaluating the funding needs for carrying out business operations.
  • Preparing and reporting complete and accurate fiscal statements keeping the general accounting principles (GAAP), regulatory guidelines and industry practices.
  • Evaluating the internal procedures of the company and ensuring that the company’s policies and requirements are met.
  • Helping in the preparation and analysis of the budgetary records and recommending adjustments in financial revenue forecasts.
  • Working with the client in the process of file quarterly and annual financial returns, recommending the tax-saving policies.
  • Evaluating the financial history of a client and recommending investment initiatives which are based on the time horizon and risk profiles.
  • Aiding in the job of pricing and trailing risks inbuilt within the financial transactions of the company.

Finance Specialist Education, Training and Qualifications

The financial specialist requires a bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance or Taxation. Those professionals who come with a master’s degree and knowledge of auditing, economics are more preferred by the recruiters. Internship in some company before joining this sector is essential.

Finance Specialist Degrees, Courses & Certification

Apart from formal degrees, certification courses like that of Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is essential to rise higher in this field.

Finance Specialist Skills and Specifications

  • Knowledge of capital market, investment plans, and other aspects of finance
  • Sound interpersonal skills and good auditing abilities
  • Skilled at problem solving and decision-making
  • Great reasoning skills and excellent planner
  • Good managerial, evaluating, and supervisory skills

Finance Specialist Salary/Wage

The average salary of financial specialist is $90,000. The expertise, experience of the professional and the size of the industry would greatly determine the range of salary the professional would draw every month.

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