General Accountant Job Profile and Description

A general accountant is responsible for performing the common accounting functions in any company or organization wherein he/she may be employed. The accountant is to possess general education degrees in the field of accounting and related studies and have formal training in the actual execution of the theories of accounting.

He is required to prepare financial statements for the company or present such statements of accounting and financial records to partners of the firm, clients, shareholders and creditors, or any other party to the business-making of the firm. A general accountant may be employed in any small, medium, or large-scale industry or official background and must account for the relevant issues according to the need of the organization or company.

General Accountant Duties and Responsibilities

As suggested by the title of the designation, a general accountant performs the job comprising of the most basic and general accounting duties and responsibilities, which include:

  • Review of financial transactions and cash-flow statements in a thorough and sincere manner so as to record them properly in the books of accounts.
  • Drafting financial statements after complete accounting and calculations at the end of a fiscal year or any other period of time determined as the span for accounting by the respective organization or firm.
  • Estimating costs of production and accounting for various purchases by the company, promotional charges, transportation costs, salary and wages, and other miscellaneous expenses incurred for business purposes. All costs incurred must be recorded and accounted for with complete details alongside.
  • Preparing accounting statements, making proper journal and ledger entries and calculating net amounts, drafting profit and loss statements and making other required account reports such as the balance sheet and trial balance, etc.
  • A general accountant is responsible for creating the budget and also adhering to its regulations for various financial transactions of the company.
  • It is an important professional duty of the general accountant to have complete knowledge of the laws of taxation and other specifications and ensure that the accounts department follows them strictly.
  • Management of client records for accounting as well as preparing bank statements; finding accounting flaws and providing feasible and efficient solutions for the same.

General Accountant Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications required to be possessed by a general accountant include:

  • Accounting knowledge and practical proficiency
  • Mathematical abilities
  • Analytical and reasoning skills
  • Communication skills

General Accountant Education and Qualifications

The education requirements of general accountants can be described as below:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or related subjects
  • Specialization in areas of accounting and acquiring a Master’s or Post-graduate degree for the same
  • Becoming a Certified Public Accountant, as per the State laws

General Accountant Salary

The average salary of a general accountant is $41,700, with salaries increasing according to higher levels of education and work-experience.

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