HR Director Job Description and Profile

The Human Resources Department plays a very important role in the functioning of almost every company and it is the HR Director who directs, guides, and oversees the general provision of the Human Resources policies, services etc. From carrying out the process of recruiting and staffing, to ensuring that the company is abiding by the regulatory concerns, all fall under the aegis of this professional. Though the daily tasks of these professionals hugely vary, the basic functions remain same everywhere.

HR Director Duties and Responsibilities

  • Helping to carry out smooth and fruitful procedure of the human resources department of the company he/ she works for.
  • Supervising and providing consultation to the management on tactical staffing compensation, training, benefits, and development.
  • Assuming a leadership function in developing such an environment which enables employees to perform in accordance to a firm’s objectives.
  • Planning, designing, developing, and evaluating the human resource based initiatives which are meant for supporting the organizational goals.
  • Supervising the staff and report in order to ensure that there has been proper execution of policies and everything pertaining to human resource issues is moving in the correct pace.
  • Directing the expansion and execution of the organizational progress programs and carrying out employee orientation as well as training programs.
  • Fixing the benefits plans conducting database administration procedures, maintaining documentation policies etc.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of data, preparing and distributing diverse reports on the HR metrics for helping the company to reach its goal.
  • Reducing risk factors for the smooth functioning of the company and ensuring that the company’s polices are in compliance with state, federal and local laws.
  • Planning and supervising the budget of the HR department budget.

HR Director Education, Training and Qualifications

Master’s degree in Human Resource is necessary for a candidate to operate in this field. Though bachelor’s degree is adequate, the employers prefer a master’s degree in HR. Internship in some company is preferred before joining work.

HR Director Degrees, Courses & Certification

Competition in this field is strong and hence professionals should try to earn an extra edge by obtaining certifications, which are offered by various institutes in this field.

HR Director Skills and Specifications

  • Knowledge of HR rules and policies
  • Good understanding of data and statistics
  • Good interpersonal skills and work force planning abilities
  • Ability to train efficiently with excellent managerial skills
  • Highly energetic and detail oriented individual
  • Sound directing abilities
  • Analytical and reasoning abilities

HR Director Salary/Wage

The salary of a HR Director is about $ 90,000 annually. The professional enjoys a number of benefits and compensations which makes the salary extremely lucrative.

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