HR Sales and Marketing Manager Job Profile and Description

Every company needs managers in every segment to make sure that all operations run smoothly. HR Sales and Marketing Manager are basically two different job functions, but many companies prefer to have one person taking care of both the roles and you need to be adequately qualified and experienced to be able to handle the job responsibilities smoothly. As the name suggests, such a manager would look after both the Human Resources segment and the sakes functions of the company.

HR Sales and Marketing Manager Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • The HR Sales and Marketing Manager is supposed to look after two aspects of profitability – human resources and sales. The processes involved in hiring of new candidates, outlining job duties and responsibilities of different job tiers, maintenance of vacancy details and the overall well being of the company in terms of adherence to company policies etc. come under the domain of HR management. Marketing management deals with strategies to effectively capture market share for a particular brand or all brands of the company.
  • As an HR Sales and Marketing Manager, you are expected to be reported to by employees from both the sales division and the department that takes care of policies, payroll etc.

HR Sales and Marketing Manager Job Skills and Specifications

  • If you want to become an HR sales and marketing manager, you need to have human resource management skills and also marketing skills.
  • You need to be able to impeccably maintain employee records and define employee roles along with the ability to draw plans to market the company’s merchandise effectively.

HR Sales and Marketing Manager Job Education and Qualifications

  • Since this is a managerial role, the first prerequisite would be to have a degree in business management.
  • Your management degree could be one that combines both human resources and marketing, else you could also have two separate degrees in HR and marketing respectively.

HR Sales and Marketing Manager Salary

  • The salary and perks of a HR sales and marketing manager could be very high because this is a top level position and companies usually accept candidates with reasonable experience in the role.
  • The exact pay packet could vary from company to company, but it could be anywhere between $18000 – $25000.