Inside Sales Job Profile and Description

An inside sales job is a job that requires the individual to perform sales related functions within the office premises of the organization. They have to cater to the customers visiting the organization in selling the products as well as make the customer aware and give information about the products. They have to understand the needs and budget of the customer and cater to them accordingly. In some organizations the employee doing an inside sales job may have to work in cooperation with members of outside sales and members of the distribution team in order to increase the number of existing customers  by creating new ones. They may also have to exceed the sales target provided to them and at the same time maintain customer satisfaction. Sometimes an inside sales job also requires the employees to call customers from a data base over phone and pitch the products of the organization.

Inside Sales Duties and Responsibilities

The various duties and responsibilities of an employee doing an inside sales job are as follows:

  • Generating new sales as well as repeating sales  by giving product information to the customers
  • Determining the requirements for new customers and also their expectations so that he can provide customer solutions
  • Collecting correct information from the vendors in regards to shipment dates and also the date of delivery
  • Following a pre written script and pitching the products of the organization to the customers over phone
  • Providing accurate information to customers in regards to availability of products in stock
  • Attending the customer and understanding their needs
  • Following up with customers post sales in order to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Presenting a professional image to the customers  so that they have a good impression of the organization

Inside Sales Skills and Specifications:

  • Excellent listening, verbal as well as written skills
  • Ability to work in a fast paced working environment
  • Should have good telephone skills
  • Needs to be always energetic
  • Needs to have time management skills
  • Should possess organization as well as presentation skills
  • Ability to do multi tasking
  • Needs to be honest and systematic
  • Should have pleasing personality.


Inside Sales Education and Qualification

There is no specific educational qualification required for a person to work in the inside sales profile. For some a high school diploma is enough and having training in sales is always an advantage.


Inside Sales Salary

There is no fixed salary of an inside sales job. The average starting salary of the person working in this profile is around $28000

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