IT Administrator Job Profile and Description

The task of an IT Administrator is to ensure that the IT support team provides complete assistance to various departments. The task handled by the IT administrator is quite crucial as even a small negligence on the part of the IT team may cause interruption in work. It is essential to maintain the IT network and servers in order to keep them in good working condition. Most organizations employ at least one IT administrator dedicatedly for each department or a minimum 50 people. They ensure that the systems under them are kept intact and the work of different departments is not hampered due to any IT related fault.

IT Administrator Duties and Responsibilities

IT Administrator is required to perform the below mentioned duties:

  • IT Administrator needs to install the network systems
  • IT Administrator is required to ensure the maintenance of network systems.
  • IT Administrator needs to examine network related issues
  • IT Administrator is required to college the stats of IT usage
  • IT Administrator needs to evaluate the network systems and servers and see if there is any scope of improvement.
  • IT Administrator is required to configure the network systems and servers.
  • IT Administrator needs to refurbish the network related issues.
  • IT Administrator is required to prepare IT reports.
  • IT Administrator needs to work on improving the systems.

IT Administrator Skills and Specifications

It is essential to have the below mentioned skills if you are aspiring to become an IT administrator:

  • Good communication skills: An IT administrator is required to work for different departments and thus needs to have good communication skills in order to deal with different staff members.
  • Good working knowledge of the IT systems: An IT administrator is required to have proper knowledge about IT operating systems such as Windows, Citrix, etc.
  • Knowledge about system installation: An IT administrator must have knowledge about installing IT hardware and software systems.
  • Time Management: An IT administrator must possess good time management skills in order to handle the work efficiently.

IT Administrator Education and Qualification

The below mentioned education is required in order to become an IT Administrator:

  • A High School Diploma
  • A Bachelor’s degree in any of the below mentioned fields:
  • Information Technology
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Engineering
  • System Management
  • Information System Management
  • A Master’s degree in any of the above mentioned fields is certainly an added advantage.

IT Administrator Salary

The average salary of an IT Administrator is $ 77,000.

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