Leasing Consultant Job Profile and Description

A leasing consultant is a professional whose work is quite similar to that of sales professionals. He could be found working in several fields where sales needs to be generated. The real estate sector, however, is one of the most important fields where such a consultant is required the most. They show real estate properties to prospective clients for leasing them out and ensure that the customers are satisfied with the deal.

Leasing consultants also help to negotiate and renew the leases of tenants in a housing complex. Besides, he has to negotiate the leases with existing renters to that a maximum occupancy level can be achieved. In a leasing environment, the consultant interacts with the manager of the property. He arranges the leasing paperwork, shows the property to probable tenants and highlights the amenities.

Leasing Consultant Duties and Responsibilities

Some of the common duties and responsibilities that a leasing consultant has to perform include the following:

  • Interacting with existing and potential residential tenants on behalf of the landlord or real estate and property management companies.
  • As a professional, a lease consultant is expected to greet the potential renters, show around the vacant properties, explain the leasing terms and pricing, process the applications for rent and negotiate all lease renewals.
  • Designing advertisements, updating websites, attending networking events, making cold calls and following up on the customer leads.
  • Assisting the existing tenants with all customer servicing needs and maintenance requests.

Leasing Consultant Skills and Specifications

Following are the core skills and specifications that a leasing consultant is expected to have:

  • Giving full attention to the wants of the prospective and existing customers and taking time to understand the points being made. Also, asking questions that are appropriate.
  • Speaking to others for conveying information effectively.
  • Service orientation i.e., actively looking for ways to help people.

Leasing Consultant Education and Qualification

Qualifications required for a leasing consultant are as follows:

  • A bachelor’s degree from a recognized college or university, followed by an MBA is usually preferred.
  • Minimum four years’ experience in similar capacity or other real estate consultant jobs.
  • Proficiency in computers, especially software like MS Office, is usually required.

Leasing Consultant Salary

A leasing consultant is expected to earn an average annual salary of $35,000. They are often entitled to a percentage of the value at which a property is let out.

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