Legal Assistant Job Profile and Description

A legal assistant, also referred to as a paralegal are an essential part of the legal mechanism.   Their duty is to work as assistants to attorneys. They help the attorneys in preparing for the case in various aspects and also in fighting out the case. It is almost impossible for an attorney to handle various tasks related to a case without a legal assistant.

A legal assistant assists in preparing legal contracts, lease, deeds and various other kinds of legal paper.  They may have to perform research and analysis to find reasons for regular legal problems as well as issues. He may have to prepare case notes and sometimes keep the law library updated.

Legal Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

The various duties and responsibilities required to be performed by a legal assistant are as follows:

  • Assist in preparation of annual as well as quarterly reports.
  • Preparing legal documents that include contracts, deeds, lease, wills etc.
  • They may have to monitor legal volumes and ensure that the law library is updated.
  • Using computer devices in order to do research, enter data and prepare reports.
  • Attending execution of wills, closings related to real estate, depositions and court trials with lawyer.
  • Analyzing the existing data and suggesting the best possible solutions in order to solve a problem or a case.
  • Updating  publications related to legal field .
  • Preparing letters for the purpose of yearly audits

Legal Assistant Skills and Specifications

  • Needs to be very organized as a professional
  • Should posses the ability to complete work within deadline
  • Must have excellent  communication as well good interpersonal skills
  • It is a must for him to have knowledge  of all the legal procedures
  • Basic knowledge to handle office equipments like fax machines, scanners, printers etc.

Legal Assistant Education and Qualification

It is a must for an individual applying for the position of a leg al assistant to have a law degree in order to understand all the legal procedures. The minimum requirement is a bachelor’s degree in the subject of law.

Legal Assistant Salary

The salary of an individual with one to four years of experience varies between $28000 to $42000. The average salary of a legal assistant with five to nine years of experience varies between $30000 to $43000. A legal assistant with work experience of more than ten years can earn up to $54000 annually.

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