Medical Assistant Job Profile and Description

A medical assistant is responsible for ensuring that the daily operations of the offices of doctors, medical centers and clinics run smoothly.  Their job functions vary depending on the needs of their employer. They may have to perform clerical, administrative or clinical functions or may be either of three.  In a small establishment their job function may be a mix of both administrative as well as clinical.

Irrespective of whether a medical assistant works in the clerical, administrative or clinical department their tasks are always medical related. A clerical medical assistant’s job is to answer phones, schedule appointments, meet patients, sort out received mails and type letters for doctors. They also have to ensure smooth operation of the office.   The jobs of an administrative clerk are to claim forms, update the files of the patients and make arrangements for hospital admissions.

They may also have to do billing as well as bookkeeping for medical practice.  The job description of a clinical medical assistant varies from on state to another. They ensure that various types of examinations have been undergone by the patients, by preparing them for it. A medical assistant may have to collect specimens from laboratories.

Medical Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a medical assistant are as follows:

  • Taking the phone calls for surgeons and physicians when they are busy
  • Scheduling the appointments made by the patients in an organized and methodical manner.
  • Looking after the payments made in the medical facility in which they work.
  • Handling insurance information related to tasks of patients.
  • Help the patients in filling up the form and help them in informing about the terms and conditions mentioned in the form.
  • Handle tasks related to data entry.
  • Answering external as well as internal calls and transferring them to the appropriate department
  • Excellent communications skills.

Medical Assistant Skills and Specifications

  • Basic knowledge about computers.
  • Multi tasking skills.
  • Good hospital management skill is helpful.

Medical Assistant Education and Qualification

Individuals with CMA credentials are eligible for this job position. A medical assistant must pursue medical assisting course accredited by Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health and should also be a graduate in science related field.

Medical Assistant Salary

The average salary of a medical assistant as per market survey is around $27000 annually. For a fresher the salary may be between $22000 to $25000 annually

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