Nursing Assistant Job Profile and Description

A nursing assistant is a professional working in the medical industry and are in direct connection with the patients of the medical facility in which they are working. Patient care is the most important job responsibility of a nursing assistant and they attend to the daily needs of the patients. A nursing assistant may be licensed or certified too. They help patients with bathing, dressing and eating. They may also serve meals to the patients. They may also escort the patient to the examination room. They have to gather information about the patient and the condition of the patient and keep the nurse informed about it. They also assist registered nurses in checking vital signs. A nursing assistant sometimes help in providing emotional support to the patient and also acts as a mean of socializing for the patients.

Nursing Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

The various duties and responsibilities of a nursing assistant are as follows:

  • Taking care of personal as well as oral hygiene of the patients as in helping the patients to take bath, brush and also comb their hair
  • Helping the patients to transport for medical investigations or examinations, surgeries, therapy sessions from the patients’ bed.
  • Sterilize and clean the medical equipments after usage
  • Helps in using equipments like ventilators, usg machines etc.
  • Maintaining cleanliness in the room of the patients in order to avoid spread of infections
  • Giving injections to patients when the doctor is not available
  • Remind and help the patients to take medicines
  • Assisting nurses in preparing the patient for surgeries
  • Repositioning and turning bed ridden  patients
  • Keeping nurses informed about the condition of the patients
  • Checking the body temperature of patients’ to check if there is fever
  • Assisting patients in doing recommended exercise
  • Making  beds of the patient

Nursing Assistant Skills and Specifications

It is necessary for a nursing assistant to be soft in nature as they are dealing with individuals suffering from ailments. The other required skills and specifications of a nursing assistant are as follows:

  • Should be caring in nature
  • Has to be always alert
  • Needs to understand human emotions
  • Must have basic knowledge in handling medical equipments
  • Soft spoken in nature

Nursing Assistant Education and Qualification

It is compulsory to receive Nurse training or do a course in nursing for an individual to work as a nursing assistant

Nursing Assistant Salary

The average annual salary of a nursing assistant varies from $20000 to $30000

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