Payroll and Benefits Coordinator Job Profile and Description

Companies with large employees often have segmented payroll administration functions to accommodate remote branches and affiliate each having its own Payroll and Benefits Coordinator.  This organizational set-up recognizes variances in salaries even for the same position and job grade between regions. They also may have separate payroll depository accounts for their respective area employees.

Payroll and Benefits Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

  • Process employee payroll making sure the correct IRS withholding taxes and relevant deductions and endorsement routing to Regional Manager.
  • Perform correct data entry into the company or regional payroll system
  • Ensure transmission of payslips to employees on posted on the intranet
  • Monitor and assure compliance between corporate policy and current IRS regulations.
  • Take active role during acquisitions and mergers or set-up of new business in the same region by presenting orientation of payroll information to new employees.
  • Collaborate with the Regional Finance Manager to insure updated financial statement presentation of payroll information for the region.
  • Assists HR Benefits Coordinator with special reports and various projects as needed.

Payroll and Benefits Coordinator Skills and Specifications

  • Must have eye for detail in ensuring data integrity in payroll information
  • Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Must have ability to articulate payroll polices to inquiring employees
  • Proficiency in computer system skills and knowledge in payroll systems

Payroll and Benefits Coordinator Education and Qualifications

  • A high school diploma is acceptable but a college degree is preferred
  • At least one year of experience related to investigative work
  • Must have computer literacy and proficiency in using word processing and spreadsheet application particularly in the Windows platform.

Payroll and Benefits Coordinator Salary

The median annual salary for payroll and benefits coordinator stood at $34,800 in 2008. The salary could be higher or lower depending on the size of the company and where it is located.