A personal assistant is an individual who is also referred to as the PA and he assists and helps an individual in a business as well as in personal matter. He is responsible for attending to all those aspects of the job that his superior is unable to attend to.  A personal assistant has to work in an environment filled with work pressure. The actual tasks of a personal assistant vary from one industry to another, depending on which he is employed. Usually a personal assistant is hired to do the jobs of a secretary which include arranging meetings, attending to calls and also initiating company conversations.  They have to perform multitasking functions in order to assist the administrator. A personal assistant usually works with directors, high level executives, politicians, celebrities, attorneys, producers etc. They are most of the times hired in a big company where the director or the high level executives have lots of work.

 Personal Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

There are various duties and responsibilities of a personal assistant, they are as follows:

  • Handles the day to day activities like phone calls, meetings and appointments of the manager, director or the executive for whom they are working as personal assistant
  • Taking care of managing accounts
  • Checking on the stationery available
  • During meetings, he has to write the minutes
  • Takes dictations from the person for whom he is working as a personal assistant
  • Preparing correspondences on behalf of the boss
  • Sometimes a personal assistant may have to take care of unofficial work if he is working for individual like a movie star, millionaire minister or a celebrity.
  • Inform and update his boss about emails received, letters and similar other information
  • Making arrangements for travelling for boss which includes booking tickets or hotels and sometimes he may also has to accompany his boss

Personal Assistant Skills and Specifications

It is essential for a personal assistant to have the following skills and specifications:

  • Knowledge about receiving and sending emails
  • Knowledge about taking minutes of meetings
  • They should have excellent verbal as well as written communication skills
  • Good organizing skills

Personal Assistant Education and Qualification

It is not necessary for a personal assistant to have any specific degree. They can be a graduate in any stream. A diploma in English or office management is always an advantage.

Personal Assistant Salary

The salary of a personal assistant depends on the type of work he is doing or the kind of client he has. A personal assistant can have an annual salary of $50000.

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