Preschool Teacher is required to prepare teaching programs and implement the same for the overall growth and development of the children studying in the preschool. Just like any other teacher, a preschool teacher is also required to handle the children, teach them, ensure that they stay in discipline, prepare study material, set examination papers, conduct examinations, check the exam papers, evaluate the students based on their performance in the exams and encourage them to participate in extra curricular activities as well.

Preschool Teacher may be specialized in a particular subjects, sports, music, etc. A preschool teacher should be able to figure out the interest of individual students and channel their energies in their field of interest.

Preschool Teacher Duties and Responsibilities

There are a number of duties and responsibilities assigned to a Preschool Teacher. These include:

  • Preschool Teacher is required to prepare study material for the students.
  • Preschool Teacher is required to teach various subjects to the students based upon their specialization.
  • Preschool Teacher needs to ensure that the students are disciplined and well mannered.
  • Preschool Teacher is required to plan ways to make the classroom sessions more interesting for the students.
  • Preschool Teacher needs to groom the students.
  • Preschool Teacher needs to encourage the students to take part in extra curricular activities like dancing, singing, skating, cycling, etc.
  • Preschool Teacher is required to help the students learn nursery rhymes, alphabets, counting, etc and assess their knowledge mostly by taking oral tests in the classroom.
  • Preschool Teacher need to ensure that a friendly and comfortable environment is maintained for the children.
  • Preschool Teacher is required to conduct meetings with the student’s parents in order to discuss their performance.
  • Preschool Teacher is required to grade the students based on their performance and promote them to the next class.

Preschool Teacher Skills and Specifications

Preschool Teacher requires the below mentioned skills and specifications:

  • Preschool Teacher should have knowledge about child development theories.
  • Preschool Teacher should know as to which all activities are safe for children and which ones to be avoided.
  • Preschool Teacher should have patience and a good presence of mind.
  • Preschool Teacher should have good analytical ability and problem solving skills.

Preschool Teacher Education and Qualification

The education and qualification requirements for a Preschool Teacher are as follows:

  • A High School Diploma
  • Four years’ Bachelor’s degree
  • Coursework in Early Childhood Development

Preschool Teacher Salary

The average annual salary of a Preschool Teacher is $ 29000. The salary may vary depending upon the school, city and also the teacher’s qualification and work experience.

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