Retail Director Job Description

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Retail Director Job Description and Profile

A Retail Director is such a professional who has the greatest responsibility of fulfilling the duties related to the operation of a shop. This professional tries to run the store successfully and manages the routine dealings of the place he works for. Through his supervision, he needs to ensure that the store’s standard is maintained. Achieving fiscal objectives by setting up an yearly budget; programming expenditures; examining variances; initiating the good actions also fall under his aegis.

Retail Director Duties and Responsibilities

  • Managing the total functioning process of the shop in which the retail director works.
  • Coordinating the running of all the departments in order to make things work in such a way that it meets customer satisfaction.
  • Recruiting the employees in such a way that the screening process is good enough to get hold of quality staff for office.
  • Performing the tasks like that of coordinating assorted schedules and handling the payroll of the stores.
  • Maintaining a comfortable environment in the shop with the aim of gaining success in the functioning of the store.
  • Installing fresh features and items in order to enhance the appearance and running of the store.
  • Working for augmentation of revenue and quality of store by increasing the profits of a store.
  • Planning various strategies with the aim of realizing them.
  • Completing the requirements of store operational by assigning employees work and evaluating work results.
  • Maintaining store employees by hiring, choosing, familiarizing, and grooming employees.

Retail Director Education, Training and Qualifications

A Bachelor’s degree in retail management, business, and communication related subjects from an accredited institution is highly essential. On-job training is also offered to these professionals in order to help them learn the intricacies of this job.

Retail Director Degrees, Courses & Certification

Apart from a formal degree, five years of working experience is highly essential. A number of certification courses are offered in this field which helps the professionals earn a better edge in this field.

Retail Director Skills and Specifications

  • Knowledge of rules and regulations related to retail management.
  • Ability to communicate effectively.
  • Excellent customer relation skills
  • Good sense of management
  • Prompt thinking abilities and detail oriented
  • Ability to organize things perfectly
  • Highly responsible in nature and multi tasking ability

Retail Director Salary/Wage

The salary of a Retail Director is about $80,000 annually. The salary level is likely to increase with increase in the expertise and experience level of these professionals. Even the nature of the industry and the location greatly influences the salary range.

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