Sales Analyst Job Profile and Description

A sales analyst is an individual who helps in increasing the productivity of an organization and his role is very important in regards to that. He has to study the current sales related information and analyze that in order to prepare reports. He also has to evaluate the performance of the product by taking into account the current economic conditions. His job profile also includes conducting product analysis, providing support to retailers and consumers. He may also have to sometimes conduct internal promotions as well as determine the promotional activities that the organization needs to engage into in order to sell its products. They may also use the available economic information in order to create sales forecasts and develop quotas for the sales team. They have to keep a track of the market conditions in order to create the report that they will have to submit to the higher management.

Sales Analyst Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a sales analyst are as follows:

  • Assisting the management in developing and evaluating sales forecast and prepare sales related budget
  • Collecting, analyzing and reporting the data in order to increase the general sales productivity
  • Determining the profitability by analyzing business operations
  • Maintaining records and keeping  a track of the sales trends in order to evaluate performance against sales quotas
  • Taking the feedback of the customers and analyzing them in order to improve sales services
  • Interpret the outcome of overall sales by analyzing the performance records
  • Maintaining coordination response plan with sales manager and prepare a schedule
  • Prepare presentations after analyzing and taking into account all sales related data
  • Prepare reports related to various conditions of the market and delivering the reports to the higher management
  • Identifying the areas of weakness in order to improve sales performance

Sales Analyst Skills and Specifications

The various skills and specifications required for the position of a sales analyst are as follows:

  • Must possess computer skills
  • Should be analytical and detail oriented in nature
  • Must have strong oral and written communication skills
  • Needs to think creatively

Sales Analyst Education and Qualification

A sales analyst needs to have at least a bachelor’s degree especially in business administration with specialization in accounting and finance. Candidates with two years and more experience in market analysis are preferred.

Sales Analyst Salary

The average annual salary of a sales analyst is around $56224 which may vary depending upon the type of job profile and organization.


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