Sales Rep Job Profile and Description

A sales rep is an individual who is responsible for sales activities in the accounts or regions assigned to him.  They specialize in supplying goods and services offered by the organization to all those consumers who pay in order to avail those goods and services. They have to manage the quality of the product. They may also have to maintain consistency of service delivery.

The usual working places for sales rep are retail stores, pharmaceutical shops or firms, insurance companies etc. They may also have to give a demonstration of the product they are selling and explain the customers the way to use it. They may apply a certain sales technique advised to them or they may to use a technique that they may feel appropriate.  They may also sometimes report about the market condition and so they need to possess information about the market.

Sales Rep Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a sales rep are as follows:

  • Discovering the concerns of the customer and handling them efficiently
  • Collecting required field information and feedback and then coordinate with the appropriate staff of the organization
  • Keeping a track of developments of related products and services
  • Selling and promoting the products and services of the organization to current as well as prospective customers
  • Making an action plan to discover new goals
  • Making a list of necessary contracts
  • Following up on the leads and the referrals received
  • Preparing and giving presentations of proposals and sales contract
  • Developing and maintaining   relationship with current customers
  • Doing all the necessary paperwork in order to put services in a contract and maintain them
  • Providing training to new sales staff
  • Implementing the marketing plans of the organization as instructed
  • Implementing sales activities to reduce the amount of stock.

Sales Rep Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications that are required for a sales rep include:

  • Excellent reading, writing and verbal communication skills
  • Good convincing power
  • Knowledge of advertising and sales promotion techniques
  • Should have a professional appearance in order to give a positive image to the organization

Sales Rep Education and Qualification

There is no specific educational qualification required for working in the position of a sales rep. The individual needs to have few years or work experience. They should have basic knowledge in computers like Microsoft Office.

  Sales Rep Salary

The average salary of a sales representative varies between $28000 to $77000 annually.

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