Sales Job Profile and Description

The job done by an individual working in the sales department of an organization is known as a sales job and the employee can be referred to as a sales individual. The job of a sales individual is to ensure that the sales target of the organization is met. They are responsible for the revenue of the organization as the revenue depends on the amount of sales made by them.  They are a direct link with the customers and clients and help to promote the products or services provided by the organization to the consumers.  They may also have to assist a prospective customer in finding a suitable product and furnish the customer with information about the product of the organization.  Though the job of all individuals working in the sales field is to ensure steady sale of the products, the job description and profile varies depending on the industry in which they are working.

Sales Job Duties and Responsibilities

An individual working in the sales field has number of duties and responsibilities. They are as follows:

  • Tracking the sales expenses by investigating  and shortening expenses
  • Ensuring that the sales target set in the organization is met on a monthly basis
  • Promoting the products of the organization
  • Providing  information about the product to the customers and also giving information about pricing if enquired by the customer
  • Assisting customers in choosing the product suitable for them and as per their needs
  • Preparing sales report by accumulating information about sales made
  • Preparing sales tracking reports  and giving information about projection results
  • Researching about similar products in the market and gathering information about the response of the consumers about the products
  • Accompanying  juniors to close sales deals
  • Preparing variety of status reports

Sales Job Skills and Specifications

The various skills and specifications required to be possessed by an individual working in the sales job are as follows:

  • Should be high on confidence level
  • Must be responsible and trustworthy
  • Needs to be very expressive as an individual
  • Should have convincing skills
  • Must have the ability to handle stress

Sales Job Education and Qualification

The education and qualification of an individual doing sales job depends on the position or the industry in which he is working. In order to be a successful sales individual it is necessary to have a sales training or a degree with specialization in sales.

  Sales Job Salary

There is no fixed salary in a sales job. The salary varies, depending upon the job profile and the type of the company. On an average a sales personnel salary is between $45,000 to $65,000.

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