Security Analyst Job Description and Profile

With the advancement of information and networks technology in almost every operation, there has been a growing demand for the information security. The security analyst assess the strength, weaknesses and vulnerabilities of the security policy, hence they are of great help for the company they work for.

They design solutions for the long-term betterment of fruitfulness and skillfulness of the businesses. Though the nature of the duties of these professionals varies from one industry to the other, the basic functions remain everywhere.

Security Analyst Duties and Responsibilities

  • Designing the work for both external clients and internal clients.
  • Carrying out researches on reported problems, proposing solutions, advocating systems and coordinating the problem solving process and ensuring those business standards which have not been met.
  • Staying aware of multiple approaches which need to be solved the problems and choosing the greatest option for them.
  • Staying familiar with computer programming language and translating request of clients into technical specifications.
  • Helping in the identification of the risks and collaborating in production of reports for the senior leaders.
  • Focusing on problems which are related to the problems of terrorism.
  • Monitoring incoming traffic of alerts which have been sent from the customers’ place
  • Conducting research, identifying and testing vulnerabilities in areas related to the information system and the network security
  • Providing 24 x 7 year round Internet Security Surveillance and analyzing the security incidents and then formulating incident report
  • Liaising with the customers on the security intrusions and then providing remedial action

Security Analyst Education, Training and Qualifications

The security analyst need to possess at least a bachelor’s degree but the subject of graduation would vary depending on the type of the industry the professional is working for. For example if a security analyst works in an education background he would have to own a degree in computer science, while  a physical security analyst need to own a degree in  international relations degree.

Security Analyst Degrees, Courses & Certification

The security analyst needs to go through an on job training before starting work. There are many courses available in security analysis field which would help these professionals to develop better understanding of this field.

Security Analyst Skills and Specifications

  • Expert communicator and should posses strong delegations skills.
  • Aware of advanced knowledge and skills in this field.
  • Should be alert and fit
  • Awareness of the security measures
  • Great analytical skills
  • Logical thinking ability and great strategist

Security Analyst Salary/Wage

The average salary of security analyst is between $80,000 but then the salary of this professional greatly varies depending on the type of industry they are working for.

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