Strategy Consultant Job Profile and Description

A strategy consultant is mostly involved to provide objective advices, specialist skills and expertise to the management of an organization with the aim to create value, maximizing growth and improving business performance of the client. Strategy consultants are often concerned with the structure, strategy and operations of the organization. They assist by identifying various options and suggestions, providing additional resources and/or implementation of solutions.

A strategy consultant can operate across a variety of services that includes business strategy, management and financial controls, marketing, human resources, e-businesses, information technology, operations, supply-chain management etc. Pertaining to the nature of the work, the nature of consultancy also varies. While larger firms usually offer end-to-end solutions, niche or smaller firms offer specialist expertise. In a nutshell, strategy consultants work closely with the management and suggest ways of steering the business goals.

Strategy Consultant Duties and Responsibilities

Daily activities of a strategy consultant are often varied and complex. Consultancy is basically entrepreneurial in nature and could be project-based. A project can vary in length depending upon the type of consultancy. Here are some of the common duties and responsibilities of a strategy consultant:

  • Executing research and collection of data.
  • Conducting analysis.
  • Interviewing the employees of clients, management teams and other stakeholders.
  • Preparing presentations and business proposals.
  • Identifying business issues and framing hypotheses.
  • Devising and implementing solutions and recommendations.

Strategy Consultant Skills and Specifications

Following are the major skills and specifications that a strategy consultant is expected to have:

  • Highly motivated and interest in work.
  • Ability to travel frequently and pursue a task till completion.
  • Gathering information, accessing a problem and identifying the solution.
  • Superb analytical skills coupled with a practical and creative knowledge.
  • Superb communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to forge a trusted relationship with customers.
  • Ability to comprehend the demands of the market and devise strategies accordingly.

Strategy Consultant Education and Qualification

  • Companies usually want to hire those candidates who have a bachelor’s degree in management, finance, business, economics or other relevant fields.
  • Some companies prefer hiring candidates who have a master’s degree in business administration.
  • At least 2-4 years of relevant experience in strategic consultation or a similar capacity is desirable.

Strategy Consultant Salary

Strategy consultants can make an average annual salary of $55,000. They are also often hired on project basis. The remuneration often increases with experience.

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