Student Assistant Job Description

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Student Assistant Job Profile and Description

A student assistant usually works in specific department of a university or college and executes responsibilities that are particularly designed for students. They don’t have to get themselves involved in any strenuous work. Student assistants usually deal with the communication related duties and clerical work and the assistance to that particular division.

The nature of the job, however, could vary between departments. These jobs usually take into consideration the exam schedules of the students and the class timings. This is because the students can get a flexibility to do off-campus jobs. Many student assistant jobs form the part of a financial package for students and also often known as work-study.

Student Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

Student assistants usually have a wide range of choices of jobs and they can choose which department they would like to work for. The job duties and responsibilities would vary accordingly. However, following are the common duties that a student assistant is likely to perform:

  • Assisting other students, particularly the juniors, in science and computer labs.
  • Assisting professors with their basic teaching functions and helping the same in conducting researches.
  • Working in the library and helping in filing records, making catalogues of books and helping the circulation departments.
  • Helping in various administrative tasks like photocopying and making files for the academic department.
  • Working with the grounds staff as also indulge in ground-keeping in and around the campus.
  • Working with campus police and issuing parking coupons.

Student Assistant Skills and Specifications

Some of the common skills expected from a student assistant include the following:

  • Good communication, interpersonal and presentation skills. Both written and oral skills are an absolute necessity.
  • Hardworking and diligent and the ability to balance studies and work efficiently.
  • Serious about the work being done so that he can include that in his resume at a later time.
  • Basic knowledge of computers, especially MS-Office.

Student Assistant Education and Qualification

Following are the typical education and qualifications required for being a student assistant.

  • Being a university or college student means that the individual has a high school degree. This could be used for the job.
  • A college student can go for a diploma in his chosen subject.

Student Assistant Salary

A student assistant is usually paid a stipend for his services and that varies widely with the work profile.

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