Student Coordinator Job Profile and Description

Every educational institution, particularly secondary and higher secondary schools require student coordinators. These professionals take care of the necessity to inculcate a value driven atmosphere and culture in the institution. Student coordinators coordinate the different services and offices that are related to welfare of the students.

This is one of the major duties of a student coordinator. He is responsible for building and maintaining a very close relationship between the students through the complete process, right from the registration to graduation. The coordinator communicates with the students regularly and resolves all matters so as to forge academic success for the student. Student coordinators, on behalf of the institution, ensure student welfare.

Student Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

Following are some of the common duties that a student coordinator has to follow:

  • Monitoring the performance of students, analyses of the problem areas and determining the solutions as well as conducting the intervention process.
  • Identification and resolution of student concerns, training, devising some useful strategies so as to meet the campus benchmarks and goals.
  • Handling incoming service related concerns and queries for students, alleviating delays impeding success of students.
  • Ensuring timely completion and execution of services and also coordinating marketing programs.
  • Leading students through registration processes.
  • Delivering student orientations and providing audit reports regularly.
  • Taking part in development activities aimed at student awareness as also success development.
  • Collating with other people for performing the duties with the fullest efficiency, integrity and confidentiality.
  • Executing all paperwork pertaining to efficient student performance.

Student Coordinator Skills and Specifications

Some of the common skills expected from a student coordinator include the following:

  • Good communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Knowledge about the various career paths that a student can choose after his higher secondary.
  • Ability to discipline the students.
  • Good organizational skills.
  • Problem solving and decision making abilities.

Student Coordinator Education and Qualification

Following are the typical education and qualifications required for being a student coordinator.

  • Bachelor’s or masters degree in education or social sciences preferred with knowledge about elementary school programs.
  • At least 3-5 years experience as an academic clerk or working in a related field.

Student Coordinator Salary

A student coordinator is usually paid an average annual salary of $32,000. Those with adequate experience and get promoted to become a senior coordinators with an increase in the remuneration.

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