Student Fundraiser Job Profile and Description

Student fundraisers are mostly employed by academic, educational and charitable institutions to raise funds for running the organization. Fundraisers are usually the lifeblood of every successful non government organization. Sans effective fundraisers, several organizations would face the problem of grinding to a halt.

Student fundraisers purse fundraising as a part-time involvement besides their regular studies. They put before the donors through various philanthropic activities. The work is mostly people-oriented and very fulfilling.

Student Fundraiser Duties and Responsibilities

Raising funds is the major duty of the student fundraiser. Networking helps in identifying potential investors and donors. However, following are the major duties that a student fundraiser

  • Attending various events and meetings of the chambers of commerce, professional events, and seminars on continuing education and trade shows.
  • Building a large business and personal network for making friendships and connection that could lead to opportunities.
  • Business development i.e. selling the causes of the organization to probable donors, bringing new donors on board.
  • Researching about the market and the investor or donor base. Knowing much about a probable investor or donor that makes it easier in exploiting the opportunities.
  • Providing relevant information about the use of money.

Student Fundraiser Skills and Specifications

Some of the common skills expected from a student fundraiser include the following:

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, both written and verbal.
  • Charisma and customer service.
  • Being informed about the progress of operation of the fund to which the investor or donor has invested money.
  • Displaying knowledge, confidence and humility.
  • Ability to become the expert point of contact for every donor, keeping the relationship and personal and making the donor get a sense of security.
  • The position requires traveling and the fundraiser must be free to travel anywhere to meet potential investors and donors.

Student Fundraiser Education and Qualification

Following are the typical education and qualifications required for being a student fundraiser.

  • A bachelor’s or undergraduate degree in economics, business, investment banking, accounting, finance etc.
  • It is beneficial if they have a history in trading, sales or investment banking.

Student Fundraiser Salary

A student fundraiser is usually paid a commission on the amount of donation and funds that he is able to collect. Many times, a student fund raiser can play a larger financial role in the company if he is able to attract a big quantum of investments.

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