Substitute Teacher is required to take care of the class in the absence of the regular teacher. She is required to carry out almost all the duties assigned to a regular teacher. She needs to take teaching sessions, prepare study material, take the students’ attendance, ensure that the students reach school on time and stay in discipline. A substitute teacher is required to report to the principle. It is the responsibility of the principle or the head of the department to ensure that the substitute teacher is given a proper schedule as per which she has to take the classes. A substitute teacher is also required to design examination papers, conduct examination and evaluate the performance of the students while the regular teacher is absent.

Substitute Teacher Duties and Responsibilities

There are a number of duties and responsibilities assigned to a Substitute Teacher. These include:

  • Substitute Teacher is required to teach lessons to the students.
  • Substitute Teacher needs to prepare study material for the students.
  • Substitute Teacher is required to mark the students’ attendance and ensure that they come to the school on time.
  • Substitute Teacher needs to see to it that the students maintain decorum in the class.
  • Substitute Teacher is required to prepare assignments for the students.
  • Substitute Teacher needs to ensure that she involves the students in the classroom sessions by interacting with them about the subject being taught.
  • Substitute Teacher is required to encourage students to take part in various extra co-curricular activities.
  • Substitute Teacher needs to prepare examination papers for the students.
  • Substitute Teacher is required to conduct examination and also check the examination papers.
  • Substitute Teacher is required to grade the students according to their performance in the exams.
  • Substitute Teacher needs to maintain a record of the students’ personal details.

Substitute Teacher Skills and Specifications

Substitute Teacher requires the below mentioned skills and specifications:

  • Substitute Teacher needs to have good communication skills.
  • Substitute Teacher should also be good in writing.
  • Substitute Teacher should be confident and good presence of mind.
  • Substitute Teacher must have complete knowledge about the subject she is teaching.

Substitute Teacher Education and Qualification

The education and qualification requirements for a Substitute Teacher are as follows:

  • A high school diploma
  • A four years bachelor’s degree
  • Degree in Education and Teaching
  • Relevant work experience is preferred.

Substitute Teacher Salary

The average annual salary of a Substitute Teacher may vary from $ 11,700 to $ 24,500. The pay scale may vary depending upon the subject she is teaching, her qualification as well as work experience.

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