Teacher Coach is involved in developing study programs and implementing them. They are required to coordinate with the faculty members, learning specialist and even the principle to discuss about the core strategies with them. They are involved in integrating the study programs according to the latest technology. Their aim is to provide professional development support at the schools with the use of new and advanced techniques. They also conduct and take part in leadership team meetings and core team meetings. Teach Coaches also take classroom sessions to groom the students.

Teacher Coach Duties and Responsibilities

There are a number of duties and responsibilities assigned to a Teacher Coach. These include:

  • Teacher Coach is required to work in coordination with the school principle, faculty members and learning specialist.
  • Teacher Coach is involved in planning and developing core strategies for the school in association with the learning specialists and principle.
  • Teacher Coach is also required to implement these strategies.
  • Teacher Coach needs to give continuing professional development support to the school management.
  • Teacher Coach is required to make plans to encourage the students to study.
  • Teacher Coach is required tin making strategies to make the classroom sessions more interesting.
  • Teacher Coach is required to work in association with the teacher curriculum team in order to plan and prepare instructional calendar.
  • Teacher Coach is required to read the MAP results and examine them.
  • Teacher Coach needs to monitor the student’s performance and find out their individual requirements.
  • Teacher Coach is required to work upon improving the teaching and learning processes.
  • Teacher Coach is required to give demonstration lessons to the students.
  • Teacher Coach needs to take part in the Leadership Team meetings.

Teacher Coach Skills and Specifications

Teacher Coach requires the below mentioned skills and specifications:

  • Teacher Coach is required to have good verbal as well as written communication skills.
  • Teacher Coach should have the ability to work in coordination with the other departments.
  • Teacher Coach should have a good presence of mind and analytical skills.

Teacher Coach Education and Qualification

The education and qualification requirements for a Teacher Coach are as follows:

  • A high school diploma
  • Bachelor’s in the subject he intends to teach
  • Relevant work experience is preferred.

Teacher Coach Salary

The average annual salary of a Teacher Coach may vary based on various factors including the place he is working at, his educational qualification, work experience, etc. However, the average annual salary of a Teacher Coach is $ 59,000.

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