Technical Support is required to provide technical support to the company employees as well as the clients. Most firms have different technical support staff dedicated for handling the client’s technical issues and providing technical assistance to the internal employees.

These professionals are required to handle a number of job duties including installing computer hardware, software applications, working on computer parts and other technical equipments, maintaining technical equipments, dealing with the external and internal clients, etc. It is essential to acquire a relevant technical degree in order to get into this position. Most firms also prefer hiring candidates having a relevant work experience.

Technical SupportDuties and Responsibilities

There are a number of duties and responsibilities assigned to a Technical Support. Few of these are as follows:

  • Technical Support is required to install and uninstall various computer software and hardware
  • Technical Support needs to maintain computer systems, applications, electronic or mechanical items based on their area of specialization.
  • Technical Support is required to work on various electronic, mechanical equipments based on his area of specialization and provide the required support to the clients as well as staff members.
  • Technical Support needs to meet the clients in order to understand their technical requirement.
  • Technical Support is required to ensure that the support is provided within the committed time.
  • Technical Support is required to troubleshoot electronic or mechanical items as well as computer systems and applications based on their specialization.
  • Technical Support needs to prepare technical documents.
  • Technical Support is required to maintain a record of the tasks handled by him.
  • Technical Support is required to maintain good relations with the clients.
  • Technical Support needs to work as per the instructions given by their supervisors.

Technical Support Skills and Specifications

Technical Supportrequires the below mentioned skills and specifications:

  • Technical Support must have sound technical knowledge.
  • Technical Support should have good analytical skills.
  • Technical Support must have excellent problem solving ability.

Technical Support Education and Qualification

The education and qualification requirements for a Technical Supportare as follows:

  • A High School Diploma
  • Degree in electronics engineering/ mechanical engineering/ software engineering/ computer hardware

Technical Support Salary

The average annual salary of a Technical Supportis $ 70,000. However, it may vary based on his area of specialization. The salary of a technical Support may also vary depending upon his employer and the city he is based in. The work experience and qualification of a candidate also impacts his salary.

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