Training and Development Officer Job Profile and Description

A training and development officer supervises the learning and professional growth and development of a company’s workforce. Through proper training, the staff gets better understanding of a job; it gets new practical skills and the motivation to carry out certain tasks.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • The training and development officer delivers training sessions to participants or hires other experts to do so
  • They are involved with the long-term improvement of an employee’s skills so that their potential can find full expression and lead to the growth of the office too
  • He is responsible for developing a comprehensive training package to motivate employees and imbibe in them newer skills
  • They need to identify training and development needs within a company through job analysis, appraisal schemes or through frequent consultation with the management and HR departments
  • While designing the training programme, they must keep in mind both the company’s requirements and the individual’s needs
  • He has to make estimates of the costs of these training programmes and keep expenses within the budget
  • He must also make assessment of the return on investment of any training or development programme
  • He must develop effective induction programmes for new joiners
  • He must keep up to date with developments in training by reading journals, going to meetings, conferences, workshops etc

Skills and Specifications

  • A training and development officer must have good communication skills and must be able to coordinate among all departments to find out training possibilities
  • He should be perceptive about the requirements of the company and the employee
  • Teamwork is very important

Education and Qualifications

A training and development officer has to do a course on human resources and he must have enough knowledge about the topic of training if he himself is the trainer. Knowledge of computers and other electronic techniques is also important.