Application Analyst Job Description and profile

An Application Analyst is a professional who supports the given application which can be of different nature- from programming to system administration. The application analyst has to support the custom applications, which are programmed with different programming languages and he uses a wide assortment of database systems etc.

He is such a software architect who offers everything from technical help to customer support. He also diagnoses problems and then fixes the problem or passes it to the ones who can deal with the actual problem area.

Application Analyst Duties and Responsibilities

  • Creating the word processing application as well as web browsers.
  • Designing the running tests in order to ensure that the program is working correctly.
  • Preparing of reports on different programs and creating essential instruction manuals or the help screens.
  • Maintaining the programs and creating upgrades, and adapting and/ or de-bugging the existing program whenever necessary.
  • Using diverse types of computer languages for creating application programs which are designed keeping some specific request of the clients.
  • Focusing on some specific type of system and then consulting with both the management and the clients in order to carry out the job perfectly.
  • Using a combination of information engineering, data modeling, mathematical framework building, accounting and sampling principles etc for ensuring comprehensive and efficient designs.
  • Working in the office setting or the computer lab either on a part time or full time basis depending on the job nature and requirements

 Application Analyst Education, Training and Qualifications

A Bachelor’s degree in mathematics, computer science or any related field is absolutely imperative but those professionals who possess master’s degree can expect better position. Often, professionals go for specialization courses which help them to rise to a better position in their work field.

Application Analyst Degrees, Courses & Certification

The aspired professionals who do not possess a degree in the desired subject can take a certification course in this field. These courses are offered by various colleges and they are of one to two years duration.

Application Analyst Skills and Specifications

  • Excellent amount of knowledge in both software and hardware
  • Knowledge of diverse computer language
  • Good communication skills and great analytical skills
  • Attention to details with critical thinking abilities
  • Ability to work independently
  • Great coordination skills and excellent organizational skills

Application Analyst Salary/Wage

The salary of an Application Analyst is about $80,000 annually but their salary is dependent on a number of factors like that of experience, ability of the professional and location of the industry.

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