HVAC Technician Job Description

HVAC Technician Job Profile and Description An HVAC technician is an individual who is responsible for installation, maintenance and repairing of heaters, refrigerators and air conditioners. They usually look into... Read More

Call Center Manager Job Description

Call Center Manager Job Profile and Description A call center manager is an individual responsible for the day to day operations and management of a call centre. They have to ensure... Read More

Customer Service Clerk Job Description

Customer Service Clerk Job Profile and Description Customer service clerks provide information and answer questions on the company’s goods and services. They assist customers by taking orders, scanning information about... Read More

19 Best Paying Jobs for Women in 2013 (Infographic)

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Sales Technician Job Description

Sales Technician Job Profile and Description A sales technician most works with the sales team to develop strategies to gain new customers and provide technical assistances. A sales technician helps... Read More

Philanthropist Job Description

Philanthropist Profile and Description Philanthropists are those who take part in activities that are designed for the benefit of the society and its people. Philanthropists make donations in the form... Read More

Physical Chemist Job Description

Physical Chemist Job Profile and Description A Physical Chemist is responsible to analyze, discover and understand the physical characteristics of material by performing various tests and experiments. A Physical Chemist... Read More

Physical Therapist Job Description

Physical Therapist Job Profile and Description Physical therapists take part in rehab programs by providing services that help in treating patients who are suffering from injuries or diseases. A physical... Read More

Health Coordinator Job Description

Health Coordinator Job Profile and Description Health coordinators are responsible for providing supportive social services to people with certain illness. A health coordinator facilitates the occupational activities of health clinics... Read More

Dental Hygienist Job description

Dental Hygienist Job Profile and Description Dental hygienists are responsible for assisting patients with dental procedures in order to promote oral hygiene among patients. A dental hygienist teaches his patients... Read More

Finance Underwriter Job Description

Finance Underwriter Job Profile and Description A finance underwriter performs the job of maintaining the legal standards of a financial firm or the finance department of a certain company. The... Read More

Finance Data Analyst Job Description

Finance Data Analyst Job Profile and Description A finance data analyst maintains a high job profile in today’s world of finance and business. The major part of corporate operations is... Read More

Finance Generalist Job Description

Finance Generalist Job Profile and Description The job of a finance generalist specifically does not underline any set of tasks, but includes many job responsibilities such as providing finance related... Read More