Chase personal banker job profile and description

The job of a chase personal banker is to provide personal assistance to certain clients of the bank. This initiative has been taken keeping in view the changing bank employees and bank acquisitions, which make it difficult for customer to interact with the bank personnel. A personal banker takes care of all banking needs of a few clients allotted to him, who can approach him for all their banking needs. JPMorgan Chase bank has certifies certain bankers to act as a personal banker for clients.

Chase personal banker duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a chase personal banker are:

  • Keeping in touch with the clients allotted by the bank and ensuring that all their banking needs are met
  • Maintaining good personal relationships with the clients and ensuring a long term association
  • Offering services any time the clients come to the bank
  • Be knowledgeable about various functions of the bank so as to help customers
  • Advise clients on different banking aspects as per their requirements
  • Help clients make deposits, withdrawal, use the safe deposit facility and investments
  • Updating clients about new policies of the bank and help them avail better facilities
  • Help customer with paper work and processing banking formalities when they need a loan

Chase personal banker skills and specifications

The skills and specifications of a Chase personal banker are:

  • Excellent communication skills in order to maintain good communication with customers of the bank
  • Good knowledge about the working of the bank in order to provide better customer service
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Good customer service skills
  • Must be courteous, polite and well spoke

Chase personal banker education and qualification

The education and qualifications of a Chase personal banker are:

  • A bachelor’s degree in banking and finance

Chase personal bankers salary

The salary of a Chase personal banker ranges between $30,000 and $70,000 per annum.