Assistant Chair

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July 19, 2023

Job Description Overview

An Assistant Chair is a vital member of the education industry who primarily works in colleges and universities. They help to ensure that academic programs are running smoothly and efficiently. Their duties include assisting the department chair in managing faculty assignments, scheduling classes, and ensuring that students are receiving high-quality education.

As an Assistant Chair, you will be responsible for communicating with faculty, staff, and students to ensure student needs are met. You will be a mentor to the faculty, providing guidance and support when necessary. You will work closely with the department chair to create schedules, plan curriculum, and evaluate student performance.

Assistant Chair job descriptions typically require a Master's degree in education, management or a related field, plus relevant work experience. You should have excellent communication skills, strong leadership abilities, and be able to work well under pressure.

In this role, you will be an integral part of an educational institution, ensuring that everything runs smoothly, and students receive the best education possible.

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Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assist the Chair in various administrative tasks and manage office operations
  • Provide support to faculty and students by handling inquiries and requests
  • Oversee and manage academic programs, curriculum development, and course schedules
  • Assist in the preparation of reports, budgets, and grant proposals
  • Collaborate with other departments, students, and community organizations to promote academic success
  • Plan and organize events, meetings, and conferences related to the department
  • Develop and implement policies and procedures consistent with the department’s goals and objectives
  • Act as a liaison between the department, university, and external partners
  • Evaluate and improve operational efficiencies and support student success and satisfaction

Experience and Education Requirements

To become an Assistant Chair in the Education industry, you need to have both education and experience. You should have a Bachelor's Degree in Education or a related field. A Master's Degree is preferred, but it's not always necessary. You should have experience working in education for at least 5 years. This can include experience as a teacher or in a leadership role. You should have strong organizational and communication skills. You should be able to work in a team and lead others. A background in curriculum development or instructional design is helpful. The role of an Assistant Chair is to support the Chair in the day-to-day operations of the department.

Salary Range

If you're wondering about Assistant Chair salary range in the Education industry, it varies depending on location, years of experience, and educational attainment. In the United States, as per Glassdoor, an Assistant Chair can earn between $57,000 to $120,000 annually, with an average salary of $82,000. At the same time, in Canada, an Assistant Chair earns an average salary of CAD 98,450 annually, as per Neuvoo. In Australia, an Assistant Professor earns an average salary of AUD 145,000, according to Job Outlook. It is also essential to note that Assistant Chair salary ranges differ between public and private institutions. 


Career Outlook

The career outlook for an Assistant Chair in the Education industry over the next five years is promising, with a projected growth of 9%. Within the education field, the role of the Assistant Chair is to assist the Chair in running an academic department, designing curriculum, and achieving departmental goals. This is a highly important role within educational institutions, both at the K-12 and university levels. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for administrative positions, including assistant chairs, is expected to increase as schools and universities continue to expand. Furthermore, as technology continues to advance, educational institutions will require assistance to introduce new educational software and to train staff on how to use it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What does an Assistant Chair in the Education industry do?

A: An Assistant Chair supports the Chair of a department or program in a college or university. They help manage curriculum development, faculty hiring and evaluations, and other administrative tasks.

Q: Is an Assistant Chair a teaching position?

A: Generally, no. Assistant Chairs are usually administrative positions focused on running a department or program. However, they may sometimes teach courses as part of their responsibilities.

Q: How much experience do you need to become an Assistant Chair?

A: Typically, you need at least a few years of experience as a teacher or professor, as well as experience in administration or leadership within an educational setting.

Q: What skills are important for an Assistant Chair to have?

A: Strong leadership, communication, and organizational skills are crucial for success in this role. You should also be comfortable working with data and have experience with curriculum development and evaluation.

Q: What career paths can an Assistant Chair take in the future?

A: An Assistant Chair can move into higher-level administrative positions like Chair or Dean of a department or program. Some may also move into positions like Provost, Vice President, or President of a college or university.

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