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September 12, 2023

Job Description Overview

A Deputy Purchasing Agent job description involves working in the Public Sector industry and managing the procurement process of goods and services. The main responsibility of a Deputy Purchasing Agent is to assist the Purchasing Agent in purchasing equipment, supplies, and services for government agencies. They help to identify procurement needs, create purchase orders, research and compare vendor pricing to ensure competitive pricing, and analyze quotations for compliance with purchasing contracts. They also assist in preparing budget proposals, contacting suppliers and providing customer service to vendors, and resolving issues as they arise. Additionally, the Deputy Purchasing Agent should have a strong understanding of procurement rules and regulations and ensure that all procurement activities are in compliance with those regulations. The ideal candidate will have excellent communication skills and be able to work well within a team environment.

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Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assist in the purchase of goods and services for government agencies
  • Review and evaluate bids from vendors to ensure compliance with regulations and policies
  • Maintain accurate records of purchases and vendor contracts
  • Communicate with vendors to resolve issues or answer questions
  • Monitor market trends and pricing to ensure fair and competitive pricing
  • Collaborate with other departments to determine purchasing needs and priorities
  • Assist in the development and implementation of purchasing policies and procedures
  • May act as the primary purchasing agent in their absence
  • Attend meetings and conferences related to purchasing and public procurement as required

Experience and Education Requirements

To become a Deputy Purchasing Agent in the Public Sector industry, you'll usually need a special mix of education and experience. In terms of education, a bachelor's degree in business administration or a related field is usually required. Some government agencies may also require a professional certification or other specialized training, so it's always best to check with the employer.

In terms of experience, most agencies prefer candidates who have worked in the purchasing or procurement field for at least a few years. It's important to have a good understanding of procurement processes, contract negotiation, and government regulations related to purchasing. Strong communication and analytical skills are also important, as you'll be working closely with vendors and departmental staff to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Salary Range

Looking to figure out the deputy purchasing agent salary range in the public sector industry? In the United States, the estimated salary for this position typically ranges from $68,000 to $96,000 per year according to However, this can vary based on location, experience, and education. For example, a deputy purchasing agent in California might make closer to $100,000 per year due to the higher cost of living. In the United Kingdom, a deputy procurement manager can make between £35,000 and £55,000 annually according to Meanwhile, in Canada, the average salary for a deputy purchasing manager is about C$80,000 per year according to


Career Outlook

If you're considering a career as a Deputy Purchasing Agent in the Public Sector industry, the outlook for the next 5 years looks quite promising. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the employment of purchasing managers, buyers, and purchasing agents is expected to grow 4 percent from 2019 to 2029, about as fast as the average for all occupations. This means that the demand for professionals like Deputy Purchasing Agents will continue to increase.

As government agencies continue to modernize, automate and improve their procurement processes, more job opportunities will be created for purchasing specialists. Moreover, the need to manage complex supply chains, mitigate procurement risks and negotiate with suppliers will continue to drive demand for procurement professionals in the public sector.

In summary, if you're interested in a career as a Deputy Purchasing Agent in the Public Sector industry, the future looks bright. With the growth of the procurement sector in the coming years, there will be many employment opportunities for skilled and qualified purchasing professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What does a Deputy Purchasing Agent do?

A: As a deputy purchasing agent, you will be responsible for assisting in the procurement of goods and services for a government agency or organization.

Q: What qualifications do I need to become a Deputy Purchasing Agent?

A: Typically, you'll need a bachelor's degree in a related field, such as finance or business administration, and two or three years of experience in purchasing or procurement.

Q: What are the main responsibilities of a Deputy Purchasing Agent?

A: Your main responsibilities will include researching potential suppliers, negotiating prices and contracts, managing vendor relationships, and tracking purchasing data and analytics.

Q: What skills do I need to become a successful Deputy Purchasing Agent?

A: You'll need strong analytical and negotiation skills, an understanding of procurement laws and regulations, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and the ability to manage complex projects and deadlines.

Q: What are the career prospects for a Deputy Purchasing Agent?

A: There are many opportunities for career advancement in the field of purchasing, including becoming a senior or chief purchasing agent, moving into management, or transitioning into related fields such as logistics or supply chain management.

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