Director of Professional Education

Last Updated:
September 19, 2023

Job Description Overview

Are you interested in a career in education? If so, a Director of Professional Education may be a great fit for you! This position involves overseeing and managing training and professional development programs for educators and other professionals in the education industry.

As a Director of Professional Education, you will work closely with other educators and administrators to design and implement programs that help professionals improve their skills and stay current with the latest developments in their field. You will need to be organized, detail-oriented, and able to communicate effectively with a wide range of people.

In addition, you will need to have a deep understanding of educational theory and practice, as well as experience in curriculum design, instructional technology, and other related areas.

Overall, a Director of Professional Education job description involves a wide range of responsibilities and requires an individual with a broad background in education and a strong commitment to professional development.

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Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop and oversee educational programs and initiatives
  • Supervise and train teaching staff and instructors
  • Collaborate with academic departments and faculty to align program content with industry standards
  • Design and implement assessment tools to evaluate the effectiveness of educational programs
  • Evaluate and negotiate contracts with vendors and external partners for educational resources and services
  • Identify and pursue grant opportunities to support the development of educational programs
  • Ensure compliance with accreditation requirements and standards
  • Manage budget and resources for educational programs and initiatives
  • Serve as a liaison between the institution and industry professionals to promote partnership and collaboration
  • Facilitate professional development opportunities for staff, faculty and students.

Experience and Education Requirements

To land a Director of Professional Education job in the education industry, you'll need to have both the right education and relevant experience. It's likely that you'll need a master's degree or higher in education, business, or a related field. This kind of job involves designing and delivering training programs for teachers and other education professionals. Experience is also important, which can be gained through working in education or training, curriculum development, or being a teacher yourself. You'll need excellent communication skills and be able to work as part of a team. Being able to work under pressure and multitask is also a plus.

Salary Range

A Director of Professional Education in the Education Industry can expect to earn a salary ranging from $80,000 to $160,000 per year in the United States. This salary range can vary depending on factors such as experience, location, industry, and company size. Some institutions may offer additional benefits such as healthcare, retirement plans, and bonuses.

In Canada, the average salary for a Director of Education is around CAD $120,000 per year. In the United Kingdom, the average salary for a Senior Education Manager, a similar role, is around £60,000 per year.


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Career Outlook

If you're considering a career as a Director of Professional Education in the education industry, you might be curious about the job outlook. The good news is that the job outlook for Directors of Professional Education is positive, with job opportunities expected to grow over the next five years. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, positions for postsecondary education administrators, including Directors of Professional Education, are expected to grow by 10 percent between 2020 and 2030, which is faster than the average for all occupations. This demand is driven by the increasing emphasis on lifelong learning and the need for skilled professionals in a constantly changing job market. So, if you're interested in a career in education and are passionate about helping professionals enhance their knowledge and skills, becoming a Director of Professional Education might be the perfect career choice for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is the role of a Director of Professional Education?

A: A Director of Professional Education is responsible for overseeing the design, development, and delivery of educational programs for working professionals.

Q: What kind of education programs does a Director of Professional Education develop?

A: Directors of Professional Education develop programs that help working professionals learn new skills, advance their careers, and stay current with industry trends.

Q: What kind of experience is necessary to become a Director of Professional Education?

A: To become a Director of Professional Education, you typically need a combination of education and professional experience. A graduate degree in education, business, or a related field is often required, along with several years of experience in program development, instructional design, or education management.

Q: What kind of skills are necessary to excel as a Director of Professional Education?

A: Directors of Professional Education need strong organizational, leadership, and communication skills, as well as expertise in curriculum development, program evaluation, and instructional technology.

Q: What are some of the challenges of working as a Director of Professional Education?

A: Directors of Professional Education face a range of challenges, from managing complex projects with tight timelines to balancing the needs of multiple stakeholders. They also need to keep up with changes in technology and pedagogy to ensure that their programs remain relevant and effective.

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