Server Assistant Busser

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May 13, 2023

Job Description Overview

Looking for a Server Assistant Busser job description? This job is perfect for those wanting to break into the hospitality industry. A Server Assistant Busser is essential to ensure a smooth dining experience for guests. They work alongside the waitstaff to clear tables, refill glasses and assist with any other tasks required. This may include setting the table, polishing silverware or restocking supplies. 

Server Assistant Bussers need to be comfortable working in a fast-paced environment and have a strong work ethic and attention to detail.

To be successful in this role, you need to be able to work well under pressure, have excellent communication skills and be able to work well with others. A willingness to learn and a positive attitude are also essential to be a great Server Assistant Busser. 

If you're looking for a challenging, but rewarding job in the hospitality industry, a Server Assistant Busser job description may be right up your alley.

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Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Clear and reset tables for new guests
  • Fill and refill water glasses throughout the meal
  • Deliver bread baskets and other table items as needed
  • Assist servers with food and drink delivery to tables
  • Help maintain a clean and organized dining area
  • Communicate with kitchen and service staff to ensure efficient service
  • Support front-of-house staff and ensure guest satisfaction
  • Attend to guests' requests and needs promptly and courteously
  • Follow hygiene and safety guidelines at all times
  • Take direction from restaurant management and cooperate with team members

Experience and Education Requirements

To work as a Server Assistant Busser in the hospitality industry, you don't need fancy degrees or decades of experience. Typically, employers look for people who have a high school diploma or equivalent education, and who can work as part of a team. It's essential to have good communication skills and a friendly attitude, as you'll be greeting guests and helping them throughout their meal. Previous experience in a hospitality-related field is a plus, but not mandatory. Employers will provide on-the-job training. To succeed in this role, you'll need to have a good work ethic, be willing to learn, and able to follow instructions.

Salary Range

Wondering about the salary range for a Server Assistant Busser in the Hospitality industry? In the United States, the estimated salary ranges from $8.50 to $14.50 per hour, with an average hourly wage of $11.11. However, the actual amount may vary based on your location, previous experience, and employer. For instance, Servers Assistant Busser in California can earn an average of $12.07 per hour, while those in New York earn an hourly wage of $13.85. In Canada, the salary range for Server Assistant Busser is from CAD 11 to CAD 17 per hour.


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Career Outlook

As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for server assistant bussers is expected to grow by 8% from 2019 to 2029, which is faster than the average for all occupations. Hospitality is a rapidly growing industry with occupation opportunities in various fields, including restaurants, hotels, and other food services. As more individuals dine out and consume the services of the hospitality sector, the need for servers, bussers, and other customer service representatives increases. This expansion in the industry may result in the creation of more job openings and the development of current ones. Furthermore, with the industry constantly evolving, new positions in the hospitality sector will arise, requiring assistance from server assistant bussers. Therefore, a career in this particular field holds ample opportunities for job growth and career advancement in the upcoming years.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is a Server Assistant Busser?

A: A Server Assistant Busser is a person who helps waiters and waitresses by clearing tables, refilling drinks and running food.

Q: What are the responsibilities of a Server Assistant Busser?

A: The primary responsibilities of a Server Assistant Busser include cleaning tables, providing utensils, glassware, and beverages to guests, and assisting servers in any way they need.

Q: What skills are required to be a Server Assistant Busser?

A: To be a Server Assistant Busser, you should have strong time management skills, the ability to multitask, and excellent communication skills.

Q: What kind of environment will a Server Assistant Busser work in?

A: A Server Assistant Busser works in a fast-paced, high-stress environment, where they are constantly on their feet, moving between tables, and interacting with guests.

Q: What is the salary of a Server Assistant Busser?

A: The average hourly rate for a Server Assistant Busser in the Hospitality industry is $10-$15, depending on experience and location. However, most Server Assistant Bussers earn tips from customers, which can significantly increase their earnings.

Cover Letter Example

I am excited to apply for the position of Server Assistant Busser in the Hospitality industry with [organization]. With [experience] in the food service industry, I have gained valuable skills in customer service, teamwork, and time management. I am confident that I can contribute to the exceptional service that [organization] provides its customers.

My [qualifications] align with the requirements for this position, including attention to detail, the ability to multitask, and the capacity to work in high-pressure environments. As a Server Assistant Busser, I am willing to take on any task that is necessary to ensure that customers have an enjoyable dining experience. I have experience with clearing tables, refilling drinks, and assisting servers in any way possible. I am also comfortable working in a fast-paced environment and am able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. I believe that I would be a great fit for [organization] and look forward to the opportunity to contribute to your team.

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