Communications Analyst

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July 20, 2023

Job Description Overview

A Communications Analyst works in the marketing industry to create and implement strategic plans in order to establish, maintain and enhance relationships between the organization and its various publics. They use various media, such as online, print, television, radio, as well as social media, in order to develop public relations programs and launches. A Communications Analyst may also be responsible for creating, reviewing, and analyzing media coverage, collecting insights and feedback, tracking the brand’s competitive landscape, and developing and executing communications strategies and tactics.

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Job Duties and Responsibilities

• Develop and implement communication plans

• Establishing relationships with internal and external stakeholders

• Monitor and measure the effectiveness of communications campaigns

• Researching, writing and editing content

• Developing communication materials in a range of formats

• Supporting on- and off-line communications

• Creating publicity campaigns

• Drafting press releases

• Managing budgets/resources 

• Monitoring and adapting communications strategies in response to feedback

Experience and Education Requirements

A Communications Analyst must have a strong foundation in both communications and analysis. A basic degree in Communications, Journalism, Business, or Information Technology is required, with specialized experience in different types of communication such as written, oral, digital and web-based communication required as well. Past experience in customer service, graphics design, online media, project management or public relations also may be beneficial. An in-depth understanding of data visualization in order to analyze and process large datasets into clear, understanding graphics and reports is strongly recommended, as well as the ability to collaborate cross-functionally with different teams in the organization.

Salary Range

The salary of a Communications Analyst in the marketing industry tends to vary depending on location, experience, and skillset. According to Payscale, the global median salary for a Communications Analyst is $45,420 per year. In the United States, the annual salary is typically between $41,450 and $70,200 per year, with the average salary being $55,493 per year. Salaries may also be higher in areas with higher cost of living. Additionally, those with more education and experience typically have higher salaries than those just starting in the communications analyst role. Sources: (

Career Outlook

The career outlook for a Communications Analyst in the marketing industry over the next 5 years looks to be on the rise. According to a study conducted by the American Marketing Association in 2018, the need for Communications Analysts is projected to grow 3.2% by 2025. This is mainly due to an increase in creative marketing projects, such as those related to digital media and content creation. The study also noted that an increasing number of organizations are relying on data-driven marketing tactics, something which has increased the need for skilled professionals in the field of Communications Analysis. As a result, the prospects for creative and forward-thinking Communications Analysts look very promising in the near future. Sources: American Marketing Association (2018). “The Career Outlook for Communications Analysts in the Marketing Industry: 2025”. Retrieved from

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: What does a Communications Analyst do?

A1: A Communications Analyst coordinates and executes marketing efforts that promote and support a company's brand, products, and services.

Q2: What skills do you need to be a Communications Analyst?

A2: Professional writing, communications, marketing, and research skills are necessary for a Communications Analyst role.

Q3: What are a Communications Analyst's responsibilities?

A3: A Communications Analyst develops communication plans, builds relationships with stakeholders, and creates content such as press releases and website copy.

Q4: What type of qualifications are necessary to be a Communications Analyst?

A4: A bachelor's degree in marketing, communications, or a related field is required.

Q5: Is experience required to be a Communications Analyst?

A5: Some form of relevant industry experience is desirable but not necessarily required.

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