Market Research Manager

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July 20, 2023

Job Description Overview

A Market Research Manager is responsible for gathering, analyzing and interpreting data to help companies make informed decisions. This involves designing and implementing research studies, analyzing market trends and utilizing statistical tools to gather and interpret data. A Market Research Manager job description often includes creating surveys, collecting information on consumer behavior and preferences, and conducting focus groups to better understand target audiences. Additionally, they use software tools and databases to analyze large amounts of data and develop reports with recommendations for companies on how to improve their products or service offerings. A Market Research Manager also collaborates with other teams such as advertising, sales and product development to provide insights that guide future strategies. Strong communication skills, attention to detail, and knowledge of market research methodologies are essential for this role.

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Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Conducting market research to gather data on target audiences, competition, and trends.
  • Analyzing research findings to identify patterns, opportunities, and areas for improvement.
  • Using data analysis tools to create reports and presentations to share with stakeholders.
  • Collaborating with other teams and departments to ensure research aligns with business goals.
  • Developing research plans and budgets to meet specific needs and goals.
  • Staying updated on market trends, technologies, and industry developments to inform research strategies.
  • Managing relationships with research vendors and consultants.
  • Ensuring compliance with industry regulations and ethical guidelines for research.
  • Communicating research insights and recommendations to executives and other decision-makers.
  • Using research insights to inform marketing strategies, campaigns, and product development.

Experience and Education Requirements

A Market Research Manager is a critical role in the Marketing industry. For this position, both academic education and work experience are necessary. Market Research Managers usually hold a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing, Business Administration, Mathematics, Statistics, or a similar field. Additionally, they need to have experience in the Marketing industry, often in Market Analysis or Research. The experience should cover skills such as research methods, data analysis, and strategic planning. They must also have excellent communication skills, since they will be dealing with clients, colleagues, and senior managers. A typical market research manager works for advertising agencies, consulting firms, or large businesses.

Salary Range

If you're wondering about Market Research Manager salary range, it varies depending on the location, experience, and company size. In the United States, the expected salary range for a Market Research Manager is between $65,000 to $120,000 per year, with an average salary of $90,000. However, this salary can increase up to $140,000 or more for senior-level managers in larger organizations. 

In other countries, such as Canada and the United Kingdom, the salary range is quite similar to the United States, with an average of $70,000 to $100,000 per year. In Australia, a Market Research Manager can expect to make around AU$100,00 per year.

According to Glassdoor, the average base pay for Market Research Manager is $76,066 per year, while Indeed suggests the average salary is $92,042 per year. 


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Career Outlook

A career as a Market Research Manager in the marketing industry is a promising one. The market research industry in the US is projected to grow by 18.9% between 2020 and 2028, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is due to the increasing need for businesses to understand their customers and make informed decisions. Market Research Managers analyze market trends, gather data and create reports that help businesses make informed decisions. They also help in developing marketing strategies for businesses. Thus, they play a critical role in the success of any business. As technology advances, there will be even more opportunities for those in the market research field. Therefore, it is a growing field with plenty of room for advancement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What does a Market Research Manager do?

A: A Market Research Manager is responsible for planning, coordinating, and executing research activities to gather and analyze data on markets, competitors, and consumer demographics.

Q: What skills do Market Research Managers need?

A: Market Research Managers need to have excellent analytical skills, be detail-oriented, and have strong communication and collaboration abilities. They also require knowledge of statistics and research methodologies.

Q: What tools do Market Research Managers use?

A: Market Research Managers use a range of tools, including surveys, focus groups, data mining, and statistical analysis software, to collect and analyze data. They also utilize CRM tools to manage and analyze customer data.

Q: What industries employ Market Research Managers?

A: Market Research Managers can find work in a variety of industries, including consumer goods, technology, healthcare, and finance. Any industry that relies on understanding consumer behavior and competitive landscapes would require the services of a Market Research Manager.

Q: What qualifications do Market Research Managers need?

A: Most companies require a bachelor's degree in marketing, business, or a related field, along with several years of experience in market research. A master's degree in marketing or research can provide a competitive edge. Strong leadership and project management skills are also important.

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